2.0.9 Release – Duplicate Subscription Intelligence, Enhanced Logging and More!

We’ve added additional intelligence to the checkout process that will keep customers from being able to purchase the same subscription twice. This duplicate subscription protection can be turned on and off. In addition, we’ve added a duplicate subscription tool that allows you to see which customers have duplicate subscriptions. What used to be called the Event Log is now the Activity Log and now it can be accessed for individual members directly from the member details area. In addition to tracking a member’s login and page access activity that was being tracked before, it now tracks emails that are sent out, complete access rights history including membership level and status changes, bundles being added and bundle status changes and complete payment-related events including when payments are received, refunds issued and credit card information updated. We’ve also added an activity log cleanup utility that will automatically delete events older than a certain number of days. In addition, we’ve made adjustments to the member details area to make things more efficient and intuitive. Plus several additional enhancements and big fixes. To read the full release notes, visit: http://support.membermouse.com/support/solutions/articles/9000020350-2-0-9-release-notes

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