2.4.3 Release Notes

Summary of Enhancements and Bug Fixes

NOTE: MemberMouse has moved to a new release format.  From 2.4.2 forward there will be little to no minor version releases, and more frequent major releases.   

  • Introducing Courses for MemberMouse.  Courses for MemberMouse is a new extension that allows courses to be created without a third-party Learning Management System. Easily create, protect, and sell courses. Drip content is supported, allowing your lessons to unlock over time. Classroom Mode provides a simple, attractive, and customizable template for displaying your courses and lessons.  For more information, see Courses for Membermouse

    PLUS PLAN + Quizzes and downloadable course completion certificates are available to customers with Plus plan and greater, as well as Premium and Professional legacy plan customers. 
  • Introducing Stripe Connect. Stripe connect is a secure, more automatic method to configure your Stripe integration keys.  For more information, see our article on Configuring Stripe

  •  Mailchimp error handling improvements. Improves error handling in situations where MemberMouse cannot communicate with the Mailchimp API. (1714)

  • Improved duplicate submit protection on the Checkout page. Strengthens protection against multiple submission on the checkout page, which could lead to errors during the purchase process. (1929)

  • Resolved issue with bundle display in Manage Members. Addresses an issue where members with cancelled or expired bundles would be returned in the Manage Members search results. Now the bundles indicator shows bundles in active, overdue and pending cancellation status. (2999)

  • Resolved issue with import template. Adjusts sample data in the import template to match the new columns for Billing & Shipping Address Line 2 and removes extra spaces present in column headers. (3001)

  • Coupon display fixes
    • Resolved an issue where all coupons behaved as if expired under the newest MySQL versions. (3002)
    • Resolves an issue where the checkbox to show expired coupons would hide the coupons instead. (3003)
  • Improved Manage Members performance. Resolves an issue where poor database performance could prevent Manage Members from displaying correctly. (3004)

  • Resolved issue recording Stripe Charge ID in newer API versions. Adjustments made to ensure that transaction information is correctly recorded when new versions of the Stripe API are configured on the account. (3005)
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