2.3.1 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

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Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • GetResponse integration update. Upgraded API integration to GetResponse API 3.0. Learn about configuring the GetResponse integration. (1687)

  • AWeber lists fix. Fixed issue moving members between existing lists when using AWeber. Learn more about the AWeber integration. (1706)

  • Braintree integration update. Bug fix: Prevent fatal error if invalid credentials are entered in payment settings.  Learn more about the 3D Secure checkout process. (1693)

  • Enhanced checkout styling with Stripe Elements. Created borders to make the payment fields at checkout more visible without placeholders. Learn more about the 3D Secure checkout process. (1694)

  • Resolved Stripe Elements checkout conflict with hidden checkout fields. When checkout fields are hidden and the Stripe Elements setting is enabled, a Javascript error was occurring. This has been resolved. (1701)

  • Resolved Stripe error with invalid credentials. When invalid keys are used for the Stripe API, we've added exception handling so that this does not cause a fatal error. (1699)

  • Customer name passes to Stripe. Name data is passed to name on the customer record in Stripe as well as to metadata. (1705)

  • Updated Stripe credit card descriptors. Fixed bug where Stripe service would not use user-provided statement descriptor filters. (1700)

  • SCA Capable Payment Gateways Assessment. Refactored checkout process to eliminate the potential for an error situation which would degrade the PCI compliance level of the site. (1638)

  • ClickBank product-specific confirmation pages. Resolved the situation where a purchase was made through ClickBank and a product-specific confirmation page had been defined, but the customer was directed to the default confirmation page instead. Learn more about all the features of our ClickBank integration. (1707)

  • LinkedIn Login enhanced. Added css and image assets for LinkedIn Social Login provider. Learn more about Social Sign On functionality. (1691)

  • Resolved coupon configuration error. Errors in the coupon configuration no longer cause a Javascript error. (1704)
Change History
DateVersionDescriptionSuggested Action
October 29, 20192.3.1-100Initial releaseManual upgrade of the plugin required
November 1, 20192.3.1-101Fixed issue preventing access to the user-defined pages feature (1708)

Replaced $ alias with direct reference to jQuery to avoid conflicts with other Javascript libraries (1708)

Addressed issue where a fatal error would occur if a payment form field was present on the checkout form, but only offsite payment was enabled (1709)
Manual upgrade of the plugin required
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