Configuring AWeber

  1. In the MemberMouse menu, go to Email Settings > Email Integrations tab.

  2. Choose AWeber from the Select Provider dropdown menu.

  3. After you have selected AWeber, a link, instructions and a blank field will appear. Note:  You will come back to this screen and paste the authentication code in this empty field.

  4. Click on Click here to authorize MemberMouse to access your AWeber account, and a new browser window will pop up containing an AWeber authorization form.

  5. Enter your AWeber Login Name and Password, then click the Allow Access button. If your credentials are valid, you'll be taken to a success page with an authorization code.

  6. Copy the authorization code that is shown, and close the pop up window to return back to MemberMouse.

  7. Now, paste the authorization code in the empty field.

  8. Click the Authorize MemberMouse button to save the authorization information.

  9. If the authorization was successful you'll see the screen below

  10. Click Configure to save your settings.

Please Note: AWeber has an automatic opt-in configured on all new AWeber accounts that will send any members you add to lists in AWeber an opt-in email. This essentially creates a double opt-in process. You should be able to contact AWeber support (click here) and request they disable the opt-in email from the AWeber site if you so choose.

Map Membership Levels and Bundles to Mailing Lists

Now, you are ready to move onto the next part of email integration where you'll map membership levels and bundles to mailing lists.

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