2.4.0 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Added Ability to Hide Products, Membership Levels, and Bundles. This feature allows customers to hide any of these items from the grid view. For more information about hiding and filtering your data grids, go to Products OverviewMembership Levels Overview and Bundles Overview. (1779) 

  • Added a Gifts Log. This feature allows the admin to view all purchases made as gifts in one place. It gives a full view of who purchased a gift and when; allows the admin to see if, when and by whom the gift has been redeemed; and access the Gift Link if the gift has not yet been redeemed. The Gifts Log can be sorted to Show All Gifts; Show Only Redeemed Gifts; or Show Only Gifts Pending Redemption. For more information about the content and usage of this feature, view the full article about the Gifts Log. (1825)

  • Added a Coupon Log. This feature allows the admin to view all coupons used (free or with a paid transaction associated) in one place. It gives a full view of who used the coupon and when; the order number associated with it; and which coupon was used. It includes the ability to search by coupon and member ID. For more information about the content and usage of this feature, view the full article about the Coupon Log. (1828)

  • Added Ability to Merge Accounts. In the case that a member has created multiple accounts, this feature allows the admin to merge the accounts together. When merging accounts, there is a detailed interface where any attributes or subscriptions from the secondary account can be brought over to the first as needed. After the merge, the secondary account is deleted. For a complete overview of this feature, view the full article about how to Merge Member Accounts. (1650) 

  • Added Support for reCAPTCHA v3. This enhancement allows customers to utilize reCAPTCHA v3 on their checkout pages. reCAPTCHA v3 creates an “invisible reCAPTCHA” experience, still providing protection from fake and SPAM signups but without distracting the customer during the checkout process. For a complete overview of this feature, view the full article to learn how to Configure reCAPTCHA v3. (1645, 1801) 

  • Added Currency Data to Payment Push Notifications. This enhancement passes the currency used on the order through the script of payment-related push notifications. (1824) 

  • Added Expiration Date to Member Export. For members on expiring membership levels, this enhancement includes the date of membership expiration in the member export. Learn more about exporting member data. (1005) 

  • Updated jQuery Version Compatibility. Several changes were made to ensure compatibility with the version of jQuery bundled with WordPress 5.6. (1796)

  • Updated the UI Dialog Styling for Admin area. Refreshed and updated the look of the dialog box interface in the Admin area. (1834) 

  • Changed Default Position of Preview Bar. The default placement of the preview bar has been moved to the bottom of the screen so that it is less likely to interfere with navigation menus. For more information about this feature, view the article Previewing Your Site as Different Members. (1780)

  • Updated Stripe Integration for Indian Regulatory Requirements. Added a Description field to Stripe transactions to meet requirements for international transactions via Stripe India. (1786) 

  • Resolved Blank Transactions in Export. Fixed an issue where no data was exported when the transactions list was searched by Affiliate ID. (1573) 

  • Disabled Proration on Gift Purchases. Resolved an issue with purchasing gifts where members on a paid membership level were being displayed a discount on the checkout page when no discount would be applied to the purchase. (1462,1570) 

  • Enforce Date Restrictions when Creating Coupons. Fixed an issue where it was possible to create coupons with a starting date later than the ending date. (1793) 

  • Resolved Issue with Pending Cancellation when a Free Coupon is Used. Fixed an issue where accounts where a free or 100% off coupon had been used were immediately canceled instead of going into ‘pending cancellation' status. (1795)

  • Resolved WordPress Core Relative Path Issue. This enhancement allows MemberMouse to function in non-standard hosting environments where WordPress Core files have been placed in a custom location. (1761)

  • Improved Core Page Repair. This enhancement allows the Repair Core Pages tool to successfully address a wider variety of issues. (1759) 

  • Resolved LimeLight/Sticky.io Rebill Issue. Added support for products in LimeLight/Sticky.io that rebill to other products. MemberMouse products only rebill to themselves so this scenario needed to be handled specifically. (1821) 

  • Enhanced Access Decision SmartTag to Handle Future Access Case. Previously, the Access Decision SmartTag when access is set to ‘false' wouldn't handle the case where someone accessing a page has access in the future. MemberMouse was expecting the Access Decision SmartTag with access set to ‘future' to detect this scenario. Now, the Access Decision SmartTag with access set to ‘false' will cover both the scenario where a member will never have access and a member will have access sometime in the future. (1798) 

  • Resolved Issue with Apostrophes in Product Names. Fixed an issue where a product name containing an apostrophe could not be properly edited. (1572) 

  • Updated Social Login Endpoint URL When Site URL Changes. Resolved an issue where the URLs required to connect MemberMouse with social login providers were not being changed when the site URL was updated. (1787) 

  • Resolved Issue with Duplicate Push Notifications Sent for Status Change Trigger. Fixed an issue where two push notifications were being sent after a status change trigger when the purchaser had paid via PayPal. (1800)

  • Resolved Issue with Email Push Notification Subject Lines. Fixed an issue where a push notification email subject line would not display correctly if it contained double-quote characters. (1817) 

  • Resolved Incorrect Affiliate Push Notification Data. Fixed an issue where the Affiliate Commission (Rebill) push notification event was sending incorrect data. (1785) 

  • Addressed Issue with Some Test Push Notifications Not Sending. Fixed an issue that occurred when a specific membership level was linked to a Push Notification request and when using the test push notification option, no notification was sent. (1782) 

  • Resolved Access Being Granted to Accounts in Error Status. Fixed an issue that allowed accounts with an Error status to access protected content. (1775)

  • Resolved Multiple Issues with Product Purchased Push Notification. Fixed issues where the Product Purchased push notification event fired before payment was received, and contained incorrect data. (1475,1758) 

  • Added Placeholder Text for Certain Date Search Fields. This enhancement provides placeholder text indicating the required format when entering a date in the reCAPTCHA IPN Log search. (1829) 
Change History
DateVersionDescriptionSuggested Action
January 19, 20212.4.0-100Initial releaseManually Upgrade MemberMouse
January 22, 20212.4.0-101– eliminated warning in API restresponse class

– resolved interaction with visual composer (1761)

– updated google login to remove unnecessary scopes (1803)

– updated Braintree service to send billing address with each transaction, flag transactions made using vaulted cards as recurring for correct backend SCA handling, and changed checked to request 3DS2 challenge on every initial transaction to establish a charging mandate (1864)

– resolved issue where sites with trailing slashes in the configured license URL experience MemberMouse deactivations and/or slowdowns
Manually Upgrade of plugin required
January 28, 20212.4.0-102resolved issue on the Preview Settings bar where the bundles list wasn't properly displayingNone; unless you're explicitly experiencing issues
with the Preview Settings bar,
then a Manual Upgrade of plugin required
February 5, 20212.4.0-103– Fixed a limited issue where product purchased push notification was not being sent for free trial products or free coupons (1475)

– For the Merge accounts tool, addressed an issue that occurred when attempting to merge imported, comp'd or free bundles (1762)

– Resolved a problem where Stripe Elements throws errors if optional form fields have empty space values (1871)
None; unless you're explicitly experiencing one of these issues,
then a Manual Upgrade of plugin required
February 23, 20212.4.0-104– When the preview settings bar is disabled (General Settings), the admin will be able to preview the protected content of any page. (1881)

– Resolved an issue where the push notification trigger for Membership Status Change – Expired fired twice. (1883)
Manual Upgrade of plugin required
October 25, 20212.4.0-105Security updatesManual Upgrade of plugin required
February 1, 20222.4.0-106Fixed Authorize.net ARB service bug that prevented subscription payment methods from being updated (1941)Manual Upgrade of plugin required
February 15, 20222.4.0-107Updated Stripe libraries to v7.76.0Manual Upgrade of plugin required
March 18, 20222.4.0-108Addressed issues with processing refunds and updating cards that occurred as a result of updated the Stripe libraries to v7.76.0Manual Upgrade of plugin required
November 27, 20222.4.0-109Updated to allow for PHP 8.0 compatibilityManual Upgrade of plugin required

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