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Can I take offline payments with MemberMouse?

There is no functionality specifically built into MemberMouse to allow for accepting offline payments. But there are clients who have had the need for this, so it can be accomplished.

Clients who have wanted to accept offline payments usually follow these steps:

  1. Set up a specific bundle for Offline payments. This will have no cost associated with it, and when the member ‘purchases' this bundle, the member is added to a free membership level.

  2. A custom confirmation page is set up for this purchase that includes instructions on how to submit offline payments.

  3. push notification is set up to send the site admin an email that the specific bundle has been ‘purchased'. This way, site admins are aware to be on the lookout for payments.

  4. Once payment has been received, the site admin will go to the Member Details are for that user, and manually move them from the free membership level to the paid membership level. Then give the member a comped membership.

Please note, that by using this method, it will be considered a complimentary membership without any revenue tied to it. This could affect some reports created that calculate total site revenue and lifetime customer cost.

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