Products Overview

What are Products?

Products are used to charge customers for a physical product, service, or protected content. Essentially, products can be seen as price tags that tell the system when and how much to charge the purchaser.

How to Use Products

Products are created by simply giving an item you would like to sell a name, and a price. You may also include payment options like subscriptions or trial periods, shipping for physical products and/or associative access to any bundles or membership levels.

By associating a product to a membership level or bundle, access will be provided when the product is purchased; and, if the product is a subscription, access will be revoked when the subscription is terminated.

To learn more about associated access, see the Membership Levels Overview and Bundles Overview articles.

Managing Products

By opening MemberMouse > Product Settings and viewing the Products tab, you can create, edit, delete, and perform various other operations on your products. For detailed instructions, please consult our Managing Products article.

The screen shot below is an example of what the products tab will look like. Here you will be able to see all of the different products you have created, their their settings and attributes, and the purchase links you may place on your site. Consult the Product Options table below to learn more.

Product Options
IDThe ID Number is used internally to indicate the Product in certain SmartTags™ and SmartWidgets, and in the MemberMouse API.
NameThis is the name of the product. By default, this name will be displayed on the checkout page when a visitor clicks the associated purchase link.
Billing DescriptionDefines the price for each product and the payment terms, such as trial period, recurring billing cycle, and limited payments
AttributesThese icons visually show the specifications that have been added to each product.


Subscription via recurring payments

Payment plan via limited payments for a subscription


SKU code
Associated AccessShows the bundles or membership levels that are associated with each product.

The product determines the price and payment specifications for the associated bundle or membership level. This access will be provided when the product is purchased; and, if the product is a subscription, access will be revoked when the subscription is terminated.
Purchase LinksThe Purchase Links icon will display a pop-up dialog .

Here you have access to a Purchase Link SmartTag and a Static Link for that particular product. These links instantly direct customers to the default checkout page to purchase the product.
StatusThis column indicates if the product is active (green) or inactive (red).
ActionsThe icons in this column allow you to edit, delete or hide a product. For more information on these functions, please see our Managing Products article.

Edit – Click on the icon to edit the properties of a product

Delete – Click on the icon to delete a product. If the icon appears grey, then the product is in use and can't be deleted.

Hide – Click on the icon to hide the product. At this time, you can also choose to make the product inactive, meaning that it cannot be used to make new purchases. (Available MM2.4.0+)

Show – Click on the icon to show the product. At this time, if the product had been inactive, you can also choose to make the product active, meaning that it can be used to make a purchase. (Available MM2.4.0+)  

Duplicate – Click on the icon to create a new product using the settings from this product. (Available MM2.4.1+)
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