Using 1-Click Purchase Links

Selling to an existing customer is much easier than acquiring a new customer. And the easiest and most effective way to do that is by making it easy for your members to purchase additional products using 1-click purchase links, which means the customer does not have to re-enter their credit card details in order to make a purchase. In order to enable 1-click purchase functionality your site needs to be configured to use an onsite payment method that supports card-on-file functionality.

Creating a 1-click purchase link is no different then creating a standard purchase link. MemberMouse will automatically detect if the current customer has a card on file or not and, based on this, have the purchase link take the customer to the Checkout Core Page for them to enter in their credit card information or automatically Bill the Card On File. In the second section of this article we'll go over this behavior in detail, but the first step is to create a purchase link.

In MemberMouse, purchase links are easy to setup. You just need to use the Purchase_Link SmartTag. For example:

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='10']">Buy Now</a>

In this example, we're creating a purchase link that allows customers to buy the product with an ID of 10. You can manually create purchase links or you can look them up for products, membership levels and bundles by following the steps below:

  1. Go to MemberMouse > Product Settings and then click on the tab associated with the item you want to look up the purchase link for (i.e. product, membership level or bundle).

  2. Find the item you want the purchase link for and in the Purchase Links column click on the ‘blue dollar' button.

  3. The Purchase Links dialog will pop up.

  4. If you're looking up the purchase link for a membership level or bundle you'll need to specify what product should be purchased by selecting if from the drop down.

  5. Copy the Purchase Link SmartTag and paste it into your WordPress content.
Configuring 1-Click Purchase Behavior

1-click purchase functionality is only available when your site is configured to use an onsite Payment Method that supports card-on-file like Stripe. Once you're using a card-on-file solution, any time you use the Purchase_Link SmartTag, MemberMouse will check if the current customer has a card on file. If they do, when the customer clicks on the purchase link, MemberMouse will automatically bill their card on file. If they don't, MemberMouse will send them to the checkout page where they can enter in their credit card information.

You can override this default behavior by setting the useCardOnFile attribute on the Purchase_Link SmartTag. For example, if you have a particular product that you always want to collect new credit card information for regardless of if the current customer has a card on file, you would define the purchase link as follows:

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='10' useCardOnFile='false']">Buy Now</a>

Setting the useCardOnFile attribute to false will ensure that the customer is always sent to the checkout page.

1-Click Purchase Confirmation Dialog

Another thing MemberMouse does by default when a customer clicks on a 1-click purchase link is display a purchase confirmation dialog requesting that the customer confirm the purchase. This dialog will look something like this:

You have complete control over the message that's displayed to the member on a product-by-product basis. You can even use special SmartTags™ to display product information such as product name and price, display form elements to collect shipping information and collect and apply a coupon code. Read the Purchase Confirmation Message section of this article to learn how to customize the purchase confirmation message.

You can also configure your 1-click purchase links to bypass displaying a confirmation message altogether by setting the bypassConfirmation attribute on the Purchase_Link SmartTag. For example, if you have done a thorough job on your sales page of informing the customer of the price they'll be charged and you just want their card on file to be immediately billed when they click the purchase link without confirmation, you would define the purchase link as follows:

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='10' bypassConfirmation='true']">Buy Now</a>

Setting the bypassConfirmation attribute to true will keep the confirmation dialog from popping up and automatically bill the customer's card on file.

For more information on the Purchase_Link SmartTag and attributes related to 1-click purchasing, read the Purchase_Link SmartTag documentation.

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