Google eCommerce Tracking

There is no “out-of-the-box” solution for pushing MemberMouse sales data into Google Analytics.

However, the basic way to accomplish a Google eCommerce integration would be to do the following:

1. Follow the instructions in this Google article to enable eCommerce tracking:

2. When you've set everything up that Google needs, you'll add a tracking code to the confirmation page where you want the tracking to happen as described in this Google article:

3. You'll replace the hard-coded data with Order Data SmartTags as follows:

gtag("event", "purchase", {
    transaction_id: "[MM_Order_Data name='id']",
    affiliation: "Site Name",
    value: [MM_Order_Data name='total' doFormat='false'],
    shipping: [MM_Order_Data name='shipping' doFormat='false'],
    currency: "USD",
    coupon: "[MM_Order_Data name='couponCode']",
    items: [
      item_id: "[MM_Order_Data name='productId']",
      item_name: "[MM_Order_Data name='productName']",
      affiliation: "Site Name",
      coupon: "[MM_Order_Data name='couponCode']",
      currency: "USD",
      discount: [MM_Order_Data name='discount' doFormat='false'],
      price: [MM_Order_Data name='subtotal' doFormat='false'],
      quantity: 1
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