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Integrate MemberMouse With Another Email Vendor

MemberMouse has a turnkey integration with several different 3rd party email service providers that allow you to sync up your Membership Levels and Bundles to lists in these email providers (for the full list, read this article on email provider integrations)

But new email service providers pop up every day. MemberMouse gives you all the tools you need to integrate with the email service provider of your choice.

Adding A Member
  • Set up a Push Notification when a new member is added. You want this Push Notification to trigger a custom script. Read this article to learn how to trigger a custom script for a certain event.

  • Access the data in your script.  MemberMouse will call the script you specify and pass any relevant data based on the event that triggers the notification. Read this article to learn more about accessing member data, and see some sample scripts.

  • Find the API documentation from the 3rd party provider's website. You will need to make sure that the information you are getting from MemberMouse can be delivered to your email provider in the way they want.
Removing A Member
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