Manage Subscriptions

What is Manage Subscriptions?

The manage subscriptions view is a section in the Member Details area that displays active subscriptions for each member's account. This includes any membership level or bundle that has an associated product that includes a subscription. You can also see any gift subscriptions that have been purchased.

Subscription Details
Start DateThis is the date that the subscription was purchased.
Status (active) – indicates a member's membership level or bundle is active. They be able to log in and access any content that's available to their membership level or bundle.

(overdue) – indicates that the subscription is overdue. Read this article to learn more about overdue status.
Associated AccessThis is the name of the bundle or membership level associated with this subscription. If the member has purchased a gift that included a subscription, then that gift subscription will display in this area as well.
Product NameThis is the name of the product that was purchased. Remember that products can be associated with bundles or membership levels. To learn more, see the article Products Overview.
Billing DescriptionDefines the price for each product along with the payment specifications, such as, trial period, recurring billing cycle and limited payments.
Next Rebill DateDisplays next rebill date for subscription, if available.

Next rebill date is only available for subscriptions billed with a a card-on-file payment service (i.e. Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net CIM).

When non-card-on-file payment services are user (i.e. Paypal, Authorize.net) the billing schedule is managed on their end so MemberMouse doesn't have access to the next rebill date.

(1) Cancel billing and access rights – Will cancel both the billing for the remainder of the subscription as well as the access rights to view any protected content. The member goes into a pending cancellation status. Read this article to learn more about pending cancellation status.

If you cancel billing and access rights on a gift subscription, if the gift has been redeemed, then the access rights and billing for the member who redeemed the gift will be cancelled. If the gift has not yet been redeemed, then the pending gift will be cancelled, and the redeem gift link will no longer be usable.

(2) Cancel billing only – Will cancel only the subscription billing. The member will retain access to any protected content indefinitely, unless manually revoked.

(3) Edit rebill date is only available to Pro Plan members or above. Additional subscription management features are only available for subscriptions being managed by card-on-file payment service (i.e. Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net CIM). See below for more details.
Edit Rebill Date


If a subscription is managed by card-on-file payment service (i.e. Stripe, Braintree, Authorize.net CIM), and you are on the Pro Plan or higher, then you can adjust the next rebill date on a subscription.

By clicking the edit icon, a pop up window will allow you to select the next billing date for the subscription payment. Once you have updated this billing date, the new billing date will be reflected.

Note – if the edit icon is greyed out, that either means that the subscription was purchased using a non-card-on-file payment service, or you are not on on the Pro Plan or higher.

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