Managing Bundles

In MemberMouse, bundles are one of two structures that you may use to protect your content. For more information about what bundles are and how to use them to protect content, please see our Bundles Overview article.

To manage your bundles, please open MemberMouse > Product Settings, and select the Bundles tab.

Each bundle has a number of settings that control its behavior. For a detailed description of each setting, please see the Bundle Options section at the bottom of this article.

Creating a Bundle

A new bundle may be created by clicking the Create Bundle button. This will open a dialog box containing all of the options available for the bundle.

Alternatively, you may duplicate a bundle by clicking the ‘duplicate' icon in the Actions column of an existing bundle. This will open the bundle options dialog, and all settings will be prefilled from the original bundle. You will need to enter a new value for the Short Name as this value identifies the bundle in third-party systems and must be unique. (Available MM 2.4.1+)

When duplicating a bundle, note that content protection settings are not automatically duplicated; to copy these settings, use the Copy Drip Content Schedule feature.

After configuring the bundle, click the Save Bundle button to save your settings.

Editing a Bundle

Locate the bundle you wish to edit in the bundles list. On the right side, in the Actions column, click the ‘edit' icon to open the bundle options dialog.

If at least one member has the bundle applied to their account, you'll see the following message at the top of the dialog: 

This indicates that the Bundle Expires option has been locked to avoid accidental changes. In general, once any significant number of members have the bundle applied, changing this option is not recommended. It's recommended that you contact our support team for more information on how members with the bundle will be affected.

IMPORTANT: When you select new entries in the Protected Categories section for a bundle, you are protecting an entire post category, and changes will be applied immediately. Care should be exercised not to accidentally select post categories that intended to be publicly accessible.

Deleting a Bundle

Bundles that are not in use may be deleted. A bundle is considered to be in use if it is connected to a product, used to protect content, or if members exist who have the bundle applied to their accounts.

Locate the bundle you wish to delete on the list. If the delete icon is red, simply click the icon in the row of the bundle you would like to delete. If the delete icon is grey this means that the bundle is in use and can't be deleted, and you will need to perform the following actions before you may delete the bundle:

  • Search and delete any members still signed up for the bundle on the manage members page

  • Edit the bundle and ensure that it is not protecting any post categories

  • Disconnect the bundle from any products by setting it's type to Free

  • Search and delete any content still protected under the bundle in the drip content schedule tab. If there is still content protected by this bundle you will need to remove access through the pages and posts

Customers with MemberMouse 2.4.0+ may find it easier to simply hide a bundle that is no longer used, rather than delete it.

Filtering Bundles (Available MM2.4.0+)

You can use the bundles filter to show/hide all bundles that have been marked as hidden.

Visible bundles may be hidden by clicking the ‘red closed eye' button in the Actions column, and hidden bundles can be made visible by clicking the ‘blue open eye' button. When changing the visibility of a bundle, you'll be prompted to set the bundle active or inactive. Typically, hidden bundles are not being used, and would be set Inactive to prevent members adding them to their accounts.

Search and Bulk Operations (Available MM2.4.1+)

Existing bundles can be searched and modified via the bulk operations toolbar, located at the top-right of the tab:

The Search input allows you to search for bundles by name. It is not case-sensitive, and will return any bundles with names that contain the characters you enter.

To perform a bulk operation, start by selecting the target bundles. Selection checkboxes are provided in the leftmost column of the list. Next, select the action you wish to perform in the Bulk Actions drop-down. The following actions are available:

  • Show – Selected hidden bundles will be set as visible

  • Hide – Selected visible bundles will be set as hidden

  • Set Status to Active – Selected bundles will be set active, meaning they are purchasable

  • Set Status to Inactive – Selected bundles will be set inactive, preventing future purchases

  • Delete – MemberMouse will attempt to delete the selected bundles

After choosing an action, click the Apply button, and the chosen action will be applied to all selected bundles. When the actions are completed, a summary dialog will be displayed.

For bulk delete operations, note that a bundle may not be deleted while it is in use, meaning that members have the bundle applied to their accounts, the bundle is protecting content, or that the bundle is connected to a product. For more information, please see the Deleting Bundles section above.

Bundle Options
NameThe name of the bundle is visible to customers on the checkout page.
StatusIndicate whether the bundle is Active (customers can currently sign up) or Inactive (customers cannot sign up).
Indicate whether the bundle is Free or Paid.
Products (Paid Bundles Only)

When the bundle type is set to Paid, a list of available products is displayed. Select the product(s) you want to be associated with the bundle. When a customer purchases that product, the bundle will be applied to their account. Each product can only be associated with one bundle, but a bundle may have multiple products. For example, you can have a bundle associated with two products, one that pays monthly and another that pays annually.
Default MembershipIf this bundle is the first thing a customer buys, the default membership level specified here will be applied to their account.

If an existing member purchases this bundle, their membership level will remain unchanged.

If you select ‘use system default', the default system membership level will be used as defined on the Membership Levels screen.

Only free membership levels can be used as the default membership level.
Short Name

(Only with Integrated Email Provider)
Short names are passed to your email provider allowing you to segment your list based on which bundles a particular member has access to. You can name the short names anything you want. The best practice is to name it based on your bundle display name so that when you're looking to segment your list on your email provider you can readily associate the short names with the bundle.

Note: If you use GetResponse as your email provider, your shortname can only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores. Other characters will prevent new members from being added to your lists.
Expiry Settings

Here you can specify if this bundle should expire after a certain number of days, weeks or months.
Protected Categories

Choose the WordPress categories that should automatically be protected by this bundle. By selecting one or more categories here, any WordPress post that is associated with one of the selected categories will automatically be protected.
This is optional description used for internal purposes.
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