Setting the Default Cancellation Method

Available Cancellation Methods

MemberMouse allows for two different site cancellation methods. One is designed for sites with drip content, and the other for sites without it:

Hard Cancel – Best for most site configurations. After cancellation, the member is no longer able to log in or access any protected content.

Pause – Useful for sites Using a Drip Content Schedule where members need continued access to any protected content dripped up until the time of cancellation. After cancellation, the member can still login to the site and access their account information as well as any protected content they had access to up to the point their membership level was canceled.  Any new content dripped past that point will not be accessible until the account is renewed.

Understanding Pause Functionality

While you have the option to use pause status on your site for your use case, note that its functionality is nearly the same as hard cancel. Aside from allowing ex-members to log in and access old dripped content, its design does not provide any further benefits beyond being used in drip scenarios.

If you pause a member, and that member decides to restart their membership, the user will have to go through the purchase process again. There is not an “unpause” option that restarts their membership.

If you use the Cancellation List Mapping in your email integration, pausing a member will move a member to the mapped list you have set, just as if they were canceled.

Unless you want to allow canceled members to view dripped content from before their cancellation, it is best to not use the pause option.

Changing the Site's Configured Cancellation Method
  1. Click Payment Settings in the MemberMouse Menu

  2. Click the Cancellation Method tab

  3. Select the method you would like to assign as the default method for all member account cancellations on your site

  4. Save
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