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Servicing your MemberMouse Account

Want to change what is displayed on the receipts you receive? Upgrade or cancel your plan? Maybe you're thinking of getting a new URL for your site? In this section, we cover some of the easy ways you can manage your own MemberMouse account. And remember, as you continue to build your membership and grow your business, our online support center and Customer Success Team are here to answer questions and help resolve any issues you may encounter.

Action Items

Customize Your Receipt

Did you know you can customize the information on the receipts you get from MemberMouse? Check out this article to learn more.

Change the URL for your License

Changing the URL of your site? No sweat. You can update your licensed URL in the License Management area of the My Account page. Follow the easy steps we’ve outlined here.

Upgrade your Plan

If you want to access more features or have reached your member limit, these steps will help you change your MemberMouse plan to upgrade your license.

Update your Credit Card or Billing Details

With MemberMouse, it’s easy to update your own credit card information or billing details. Learn how here.

Request a Staging License

Professional web developers often use staging environments when creating and updating websites. All MemberMouse accounts come with a complimentary staging license. Our staging licenses cannot be used for commercial purposes and are limited to 100 members.

Find Your Support PIN

If you have a question for us, your Support PIN helps our Customer Success Team locate your account. You can help us by providing the Support PIN when submitting tickets. It can be found on the My Account page in the License Management section.

How to Cancel

While we hope you don’t need to cancel your account, we understand if you do. You can easily cancel your MemberMouse account from the My Account page in the Account Details section.

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