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How to Update Your Credit Card / Billing Details

Follow the steps below to update your credit card information or billing address. Or if you need to update this information because a payment failed and your account got placed into overdue status.

If you do not see the below option on your My Account page, then this means you are paying with PayPal and you will have to login to paypal.com to update your information.

If you are paying with a card and would like to switch to PayPal, or vice versa, please contact our accounts team at [email protected] . We will help facilitate the process for you!

How to Update your Billing Details
  1. Log into your account on membermouse.com.

  2. From the Dashboard, go to the My Account page.

  3. On your My Account page you'll see a section called Subscriptions.

    All active and overdue subscriptions you have will be listed in the Subscriptions section. Overdue subscriptions are indicated by a ‘Caution' icon on the right.

    NOTE: If you do not see an update billing details link in the Subscriptions area like the example below, this means that you have created the subscription using PayPal and will have to adjust any necessary information in your PayPal account directly.

  4. Click on the update billing details link next to the subscription that you want to update the billing details for. This will pop up an Update Billing Details dialog.

  5. The billing address you originally used to purchase the subscription will be pre-populated for you. Fill out your new credit card information and update the billing address as necessary.

  6. Finally, click the Update button to commit the changes. If there is a past due balance, the payment will be retried once the information is updated. So, for overdue subscriptions, after the updated billing information is successfully accepted by the onsite payment method, the status of your subscription will automatically be updated to active.

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