2.2.6 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

[Important] Check Hosting Provider Compatibility Before Upgrading

Prior to upgrading to MM 2.2.6 you'll need to ensure that your hosting environment has all the PHP extensions required by the 3rd party libraries bundled with MemberMouse and that TLS 1.2 is supported. To make this process easy for you, we've developed a WordPress plugin that will let you know if your environment meets all the requirements.

We've implemented a plugin to assist in testing your environment for compatibility. Read this article for additional details and instructions on downloading the compatibility check plugin.

Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • WordPress 4.6 Compatibility (1432)

  • Added ActiveCampaign as a native email integration. Learn more about configuring ActiveCampaign. (1384)

  • Added localization support. Now it’s possible to translate most text in MemberMouse to the language of your choice using WordPress’ built-in localization feature. Learn more about translating MemberMouse. (380)

  • Added a new push notification event that’s triggered whenever a product is purchased. (1290)

  • Integrated the push notification system directly with Zapier mailbox. This enables you to easily integrate MemberMouse with one of Zapier’s 500+ application integrations via push notifications. Learn more about the Zapier integration. (397)

  • Enhanced the import wizard to bypass processing any email addresses associated with a WordPress admin account. In the past, if the email address of a WordPress admin account was included in the import CSV, the admin account would be switched to a member account and as a result the account could no longer be used to perform admin activities. (1301)

  • Fixed issue in the import wizard where the importing of a particular member was failing because an extra space was added to the end of their email address. (1404)

  • Enhanced the Google+ social login functionality to include pulling the customer’s first and last name in addition to their email address when the customer logs in with their Google account. (1356)

  • Added the ability to delete members who are in Pending Cancellation status from the Manage Members screen or member details area. (1383)

  • Added bundle and membership level expiration dates to the CSV export from the Manage Members screen. (1149)

  • Added iDevAffiliate affiliate account creation events to the Activity Log. (1415)

  • Added the ability to use the bypass content protection filter to indicate whether confirmation pages can be accessed publicly or not. By default, all confirmation pages cannot be accessed publicly but there may be a situation where it would be useful to bypass this. (1388)

  • Addressed issue where Facebook social login failed if the customer’s account didn’t have an email address. Now, MemberMouse will generate a temporary email address in the case where an email address is missing to allow the account to be created. (1378)

  • Enhanced the checkout page to prevent duplicate order submissions if the customer refreshes the page while an order is being processed or clicks the submit button multiple times. (1423)

  • Fixed an issue where a coupon would be marked as used when applied to an order that failed. (1405)

  • Fixed issue where the checkout link in the payment options dialog was displaying incorrectly. (1399)

  • Fixed incorrect page counts on Manage Members and Browse Transactions grids when using certain versions of MySQL or Percona. (1385)

  • Fixed issue where the last membership level and status were not being sent in push notifications triggered by a membership change event. (1132)

  • Addressed issue where login session was being remembered regardless of whether the “Remember Me” checkbox was checked or not. (1431)

  • Enhanced the checkout form to collect and store shipping and billing information when checking out using PayPal. (1287)

  • Fixed issue where it was not possible to redeem a gift when PayPal was the only active payment method. (1351)

  • Addressed issue where the lifetime customer value (LCV) wasn’t being calculated correctly following a refund being issued via PayPal or Authorize.net CIM. (1341)

Resolved Issues

If you're experiencing an issue that has been resolved then download the latest version of the MemberMouse plugin using the link at the top of this page and perform a manual upgrade.

226-1: Webforms missing
The menu item for the Webforms feature is not present.

226-2: Card on file purchase issue
When an admin attempts to make a purchase through the Access Rights tab using the Card on File, a blank dialog box appears and the purchase is not completed.

226-3: API order requests are not processed
When a order is placed using the purchaseBundle API call, the order is not registered or processed.

226-4: Unable to translate default ‘State' dropdown
On the checkout form, the default value in the state dropdown menu is not available for translation.

226-5: Turkish currency format is incorrect
The Turkish currency is an outdated format.

226-6: SmartTag shortcut not created for custom fields

After a custom field is created under Checkout Settings, the shortcut link usually found by clicking on the button in the Form SmartTag column is not created.

226-7: International transactions through PayPal trigger a payment gateway mismatch

When a non-USD transaction occurs, PayPal sends the trial amount and recurring amount in differently named fields. Because of this, the order item goes into a limbo status we call “payment gateway mismatch”.

226-8: Multiple attempts to use an incorrect credit card number sometimes creates a complimentary account

When an incorrect credit card number is entered multiple times on the checkout form, this sometimes results in the order being processed as complimentary.

226-9: Failed PayPal order occasionally results in complimentary access

Customers checking out with PayPal are sometimes improperly given complimentary access without having to go through a successful payment.

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