2.2.8 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

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Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • LinkedIn has been added to the Social Sign On options. Learn more about how to integrate LinkedIn. (1453)

  • Added a feature to support the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) right to erasure, also known as the ‘right to be forgotten'. This configurable feature allows for erasing and anonymizing member information from the member details area. Learn more about the ‘Forget Member' feature. (1582)

  • Added support for confirmed opt-in (also known as double opt-in) for MailChimp integration. Now when confirmed opt-in is configured in MemberMouse and a member is added to a mailing list, that member will be required to confirm opt-in via an email sent out by MailChimp. Read about Configuring MailChimp. (1581)

  • When using the preview bar on the non-member setting, MemberMouse will now correctly render the content inside Member Decision SmartTag when isMember is ‘false'. Learn more about previewing your site. (1406)

  • When using the preview bar, bundles that protect either posts, pages or categories can be selected from the dropdown menu. Learn more about previewing your site. (1407)

  • Addressed an issue in the New Members comparison report. (1334)

  • Adjusted member start date calculation to be based on the local time zone and defined in WordPress timezone settings as opposed to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). (1342)

  • In the Access Rights area, when the ‘Days as Member' Calculation Method is set for a custom date in the future, the calculation now allows for negative days. For example, if the date is set to 7 days in the future indicating that you don't want the member to be on day 0 until 7 days from now (i.e. -7 days), the resulting days as member or days with bundle number is now -7, whereas previously it would have been 7. (1379)

  • Added an IPN logging screen for Lime Light which tracks requests that come from Lime Light. It also reports warnings if there's an issue detected with the Lime Light product mappings in MemberMouse. Learn more about Troubleshooting Lime Light. (1547)

  • Added the ability to map a Lime Light product included in multiple campaigns to a single MemberMouse product. Learn more about Lime Light Product Mapping.

  • Enhanced rebill payment handling for Lime Light integration. (1546)

  • Resolved an issue where members in Lime Light who went into overdue status and then had a successful rebill would be put into paused status when a future rebill occurred. (1548)

  • Removed the duplicated text in the Commissions Request Details dialog box. (1551)
Change History
DateVersionDescriptionSuggested Action
May 10, 20182.2.8-100Initial releaseManual upgrade of the plugin required
May 16, 20182.2.8-101Addressed issue with coupon code AJAXManual upgrade of the plugin required
June 13, 20182.2.8-102Addressed issue where communication between Lime Light and MemberMouse was effecting order trackingNone
August 22, 20192.2.8-103Compatibility update for AWeber serviceManual upgrade of the plugin required
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