Allow Logged Out Members to Make Purchases

MemberMouse can be configured to allow or disallow purchases to be made on existing accounts by logged out users. Essentially this means that the user does not have to log in first through the login page before making a purchase on the checkout page.

If a logged out user goes to a checkout form to make a purchase and enters an email address and valid password associated with an existing account, there are two options:

  • By default, MemberMouse allows logged out purchases on the checkout page. They'll be logged in, the transaction will be processed, their existing account will be updated and they'll be redirected to the appropriate confirmation page.

  • If you configure MemberMouse to disallow logged out purchases, an error will be displayed to the user informing them that an account with the email address they entered already exists. If they want to make a purchase on the account associated with that email address, they'll need to go to the login page and log in first.

Either selection requires that the member have an existing account with a valid password. The selection toggles where that information has to be input.

How to disallow existing members to make purchases when they're logged out
  1. In the MemberMouse menu click on Checkout Settings.

  2. Click on the Other Settings tab.

  3. Scroll down to the Allow Logged Out Purchases section.

  4. Uncheck the box to disallow logged out purchases and force members to log in before they can make purchases. Leave the box checked to allow them to fill in their password at the checkout page and continue making a purchase.

  5. Click the Save Settings button.
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