Bill Card On File

If you encounter a billing issue with a recurring payment, one way to resolve this is to cancel and then reactivate that customer's account. Follow these steps to reactivate a customer's account on the backend and bill their card on file:

  1. Under the Manage Members menu, go to the Member Details area by clicking on the email address of the customer whose account you wish to access.

  2. Select the Access Rights tab. The next step will be to cancel their membership.

  3. OPTIONAL STEP: Do you have any push notifications set up to activate upon Cancellation? If you want to keep the customer from receiving a push notification, you can temporarily disable it.

    a. Open the Developer Tools menu in another tab.

    b. Click on the ‘Edit' icon to bring up the Edit Push Notification dialog box.        

    c. Select ‘Inactive' at the top of the box and ‘Save Push Notification'. 

  4. Use the ‘Cancel Membership' button to cancel their membership.

  5. The page will reload and that button will now read ‘Activate Membership'. Click on the button again to reactivate their membership.

  6. In the Payment Options dialog box that comes up, select the subscription that they should be on from the Charge for… dropdown menu. 

  7. Then click on the ‘Bill Card On File' button. A prompt will come up asking if you're sure you want to charge the member's card, to which you'll choose ‘OK'. 

  8. Their account has been reactivated. You can double-check this in the Subscriptions tab. Their recurring billing should happen as expected.

  9. If you have made any push notifications inactive, remember to go back and activate them.
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