Create a Buy One, Get One Promo

Setting up a “Buy One, Get One” offer with MemberMouse is fairly straightforward.

For this example, let’s imagine that you have a video course that you want to give to anyone who adds the Gold Status bundle to their account. Here’s how to do it:

1. You will want to Create a Free Bundle for the video course.

2. Protect the Content for the video course pages or posts with the bundle you just created:

If this content is already setup as a paid bundle or membership level, you can Copy the Drip Content Schedule from your existing bundle or membership over your new bundle.

3. Create a link to Allow Members to Apply the Free Bundle to their Account. You will need to modify the bundle ID under ‘value', and you can change ‘Accept this Free Gift' to any image or text you would like:

<a href="[MM_Member_Link type='freeBundle' value='10' redirectUrl='http://yourdomain.com/confirmation']">Accept this Free Gift</a> 

4. Next you will want to add the link to a Confirmation Page, so that as soon as your customers purchase the Gold Status bundle, they can add the Video Course bundle to their account. You can do this either by creating a Product Specific Confirmation Page, and adding the products you want to allow on the ‘Buy One' list. You can use our Confirmation Core Page Template to start, then add your messaging where you want it to appear in the template.

Or, you can edit your current Confirmation Core Page and use the MM_Order_Decision SmartTag to display your messaging and link to only those customers who purchased the Gold Status bundle. If the Gold Status bundle can be purchased through Product IDs 5 or 8, you would add this to the page where you want the link to appear:

[MM_Order_Decision productId='5|8']
<a href="[MM_Member_Link type='freeBundle' value='10' redirectUrl='http://yourdomain.com/confirmation']">Accept this Free Gift</a>

Once your member clicks on the link, it will be added to their account. Now you can advertise your BOGO special!

If you have a setup example that you think could be useful as a general template for other MM users, feel free to submit that setup idea to our Suggestion Box to potentially get this idea added to our list of examples in Tips and Tricks.

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