Create an Upsell Process

Upselling is a sales strategy where the seller will provide opportunities to purchase related products or services, often for the sole purpose of making a larger sale. In MemberMouse you can create upsell offers using product specific confirmation pages or the Order Decision SmartTags™ to display the upsell offer to members in a targeted way.

Product-Specific Confirmation Pages

The Confirmation Core Page is where a user is directed after they've made a purchase. There is one default confirmation core page and you can also Create Product-Specific Confirmation Pages related to the product just purchased. Knowing this we can create several confirmation pages to display upsell offers for any product.

Order Decision SmartTag™

The second way we can create an upsell is with the Order_Decision SmartTag. This tag is used to show or hide content based on attributes associated with the current order. Knowing that, we can create a SmartTag™ to show us information about a special offer on product B if product A is being purchased.

Here's an example:

[MM_Order_Decision productId='1'] Why stick to a Silver Membership? Upgrade to gold for $10 more! <a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='2']">Buy Now</a> [/MM_Order_Decision]
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