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Does MemberMouse have features to help gather consent?

MemberMouse can help in the management of consent through the Custom Fields feature and by allowing for confirmed opt-in with our email integrations.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be used anywhere on your site and can be a variety of types (from short text to a checkbox to a dropdown menu). As a simple example, you may want to use a checkbox custom field to obtain and record consent to your Terms of Service. Here's a step-by-step guide.

When members enter their information into custom fields it will show up in the member details area for that member, and on the member’s My Account page (optional) where it can be edited by the member. Custom fields information can also be exported to a .csv file. Learn more about how to use Custom Fields.

Confirmed Opt-in

Support for email with confirmed opt-in is available with all of our email integrations. The confirmed opt-in functionality needs to be enabled on the email provider side. There are additional settings for MailChimp which allow for confirmed opt-in when a member is first added to a list and for when a member is moved between lists. Read more about Configuring MailChimp.

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