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How to give new members a free expiring membership

We have recently received a lot of emails asking how to sign up new members for a free expiring period, so our Founder Eric Turnnessen answered this question during an Office Hours session. 

How to Configure An Expiring Free Membership for New Members Without Requiring a Credit Card at Signup

The following is an approach that allows you to offer a free period for new members without requiring them to submit their payment information when signing up. This approach also adds a step using push notifications to better convert those new free members to paying members after the free period is up:

  1. Create a Free Membership Level that is setup to expire in ‘X' days/weeks/months.

  2. Use the Drip Content Schedule to Copy the Access Rights from the level(s)/bundle(s) you want the new level to have access to as well.

  3. Create a Push Notification that is set to trigger an email to the member when the newly created level expires, offering them a purchase link to signup after the initial free or “trial” period has ended.

This will create a situation that initially grants your new members access for ‘X' amount of time, and then sends them a link to signup for a paid option at the end of their free period. This will create an automated process where they can either continue to access your site by signing up, or automatically lose access from the site if they decide not to take the offer to join.

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