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If I cancel my MemberMouse account, what happens to my members’ billing subscriptions?

When you cancel MemberMouse the account goes into ‘Pending Cancellation' status until the close of the current billing cycle. When the billing cycle closes, your MemberMouse account will be canceled and the plugin will be deactivated on your site. The MemberMouse plugin reacts to account cancellation differently, depending on the version number.

If you are on versions 3.0 or above: The MemberMouse plugin will remain active if your MemberMouse account is canceled. Onsite and offsite billing will continue. However, these subscriptions will not be able to be managed or canceled from the backend of MemberMouse. Some settings and backend options will become locked, and they cannot be changed until the license is reactivated.

If you are on versions 2.4.6 or below: The plugin will deactivate after the license check pings your site. This deactivation may be immediate or within a few days. All functionality, including onsite billing, login, emails, SmartTags™ and access control, will no longer function. Offsite billing will continue, but it will not register in MemberMouse.  

IMPORTANT: MemberMouse only manages subscriptions when payments are made through Stripe, Braintree, and Authorize.net CIM. MemberMouse does not do this for all other providers, including PayPal, Authorize.net, ClickBank, Coinbase, and sticky.io. If you have members with active subscriptions through any of those providers, you will have to cancel any active subscriptions with those providers.

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