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MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking Integration

MonsterInsights is one of the most popular WordPress analytics plugins, making Google Analytics easy by automating the process of adding tracking code to your website. With the purchase of the MonsterInsights Pro Plan and greater, their plugin offers an eCommerce Tracking Add-on which integrates directly with MemberMouse.

Configuring MonsterInsights

After MonsterInsights and the eCommerce Add-on are set up, it will automatically detect the presence of MemberMouse and configure tracking accordingly. Detailed documentation and a setup wizard are provided on the MonsterInsights website:

  1. Install MonsterInsights
  2. Connect to Google Analytics
  3. Install the eCommerce Add-on
  4. Enable eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

Once MonsterInsights and the eCommerce Add-on have been installed and configured, no additional setup is required.

Using eCommerce Tracking

You can access MonsterInsights using the Insights menu item, which is displayed in both the left column, and top bar in the WordPress admin panel. From here, choose the eCommerce tab:

This panel will display information on all MemberMouse sales made after eCommerce Tracking was configured. This means if you've recently installed the eCommerce Tracking Add-on, data will not be available until new sales are made. If you would like to test the integration, you can use the MemberMouse Test Payment Service in on-demand mode, and an Incognito/Private Browsing window to make a test purchase on your site.

Here's an example of how eCommerce Tracking looks when actively tracking your sales:

In some respects, this information is similar to MemberMouse Reporting, but it adds Conversion Rate, which is extremely helpful for determining the success of your marketing efforts. You can change the reporting period, export a report as a PDF, and visit the Google Analytics Dashboard for a full report.

eCommerce Tracking also provides information on the leading traffic sources of conversions:

This allows you to easily evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising efforts and your partnerships. Finally, a report is provided for time-to-purchase and sessions-to-purchase:

This helps you to understand the purchasing patterns of your members, so that you may optimize your sales funnel and communications efforts.

Of course, all information is directly available through the Google Analytics Dashboard, so you may use its built-in reporting features to visualize the data in different ways.

More information on MonsterInsights and their eCommerce Tracking Add-on is available in the Plugin Documentation, and customers that have already purchased a MonsterInsights plan can utilize their Support Center.

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