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Reporting and Analytics

One of the keys to growing your business and managing your financial and personnel resources is data, metrics, a quantitative understanding of where your efforts are paying off and where they're not. The Browse Transactions report, Basic reports and the Advanced reporting suite give you insight into how your site is doing and allow you to filter this by time, products, membership levels and bundles, and even payment type.

Action Items

Export a Members Report

Use the Manage Members search to create and export segmented lists of your members using various criteria such as registration dates, member ID numbers, membership level, bundle, membership status, and any custom fields you have created.

Export a Transactions Report

Use the Browse Transactions search to create and export reports on your transactions using various criteria such as date range, transaction type, specific product purchased or coupon used, and affiliate IDs.

Use Basic Reporting (available on all plans)

Reports available in the Basic Reporting Suite give you insight into your New Member numbers, your Total Members, Retention and Engagement, as well as a snapshot of your Total Revenue.

Use Advanced Reporting (available on Pro plan and above)

If you’re serious about growing your membership business, you’ll need real-time access to critical metrics like Lifetime Customer Value, Sales by Product, and Channel Sales. Get access to these numbers with the Advanced Reporting Suite.

Review Member Engagement

How engaged are your members? Are they actively using your site and viewing your content? Or have they not logged in for over a month? MemberMouse helps you predict whether your members will stick around or if they are about to cancel.

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Deep Dive

Advanced Reporting Explanation
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