Rebill Payments Not Being Processed

Version Differences

MemberMouse versions 3.0 and above have a different rebilling system than prior versions. The 3.0 system is a local billing system completely controlled on your server. Prior to 3.0, the rebilling system was handled via the MemberMouse servers. Diagnosing issues will be significantly different between the two systems. This documentation covers potential issues you may encounter with both the old and new rebill systems and will be noted in yellow.

MemberMouse 3.0+

Case by Case Resolution

If rebill payments aren't being processed in MemberMouse versions 3.0 and above, the Upcoming Payments tool can help investigate the problem. It allows you to fix any problems you may find. Commonly, issues need to be viewed on a case-by-case basis. The reasons below are the most common reasons a rebill may not activate.

Onsite Rebilling has been Paused

Onsite rebills can be deactivated with a simple checkbox. If your payments are not working, check this setting is set as desired: Local Billing Scheduler Settings


MemberMouse uses the CRON system to fire off functionality, so your site will require crons to run at least every 5 minutes. Some site owners will disable crons for optimization, so this should be checked if payments are not running.

Custom Scan Interval Set Incorrectly

It's now possible to adjust when rebills occur. If your rebills are not working, any added code should be checked to see if an attempt was made to control these rebill times. If the code was improperly added, this may stop rebills. Here is more info about this adjustment: Customizing the Schedule for Overdue Payment Rebill Attempts

It Did Process, But Did Not Register In MemberMouse

Site interruptions can occur regularly. If something interrupts your site functionality when the payment process is signaling your site about a charge, it could cause a gap in data registered to your site. It is rare to see these, but using a quality uptime detector can aid in troubleshooting these scenarios if they occur.

Restoring from a Backup

Restoring a backup of your site resets the rebill schedule to a previous state. This means that subscriptions that have already billed, will be scheduled to run again. MemberMouse will pause rebills to protect you from this. By pausing rebilling, MemberMouse provides you the opportunity to review recent payments, and by using Upcoming Payments, skip rebills that have already run.

Changing the URL of your Site

Changing the site URL will trigger MemberMouse to pause billing. If your only action was to change the site URL, you may re-enable billing immediately. 

MemberMouse 2.0 – 2.4.

Intermittent Billing Issues

Our team is aware of some environment-related scenarios that can impact billing in a small number of cases. To oversimplify, these issues usually center around communication between your server and ours being interrupted in some way. If you're on a shared hosting environment the probability of you experiencing these types of issues is greater. In this case we suggest you work with your hosting provider to upgrade to a mid-level VPS or dedicated virtual server environment.

Security Blockage

If rebill payments aren't being processed and you're using a card-on-file payment processor such as Stripe, Braintree or Authorize.net CIM then it's possible that there is security configured on your server that's blocking the rebill requests coming from MemberMouse. The article How MemberMouse Handles Recurring Billing describes the process in detail.

The first thing to do is to determine if there is security on your server that's blocking rebill payments. To do this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into WordPress where MemberMouse is installed.

  2. Click on Payment Settings from the MemberMouse menu on the left.

  3. On the Payment Settings screen, click the green Run Diagnostic button towards the top of the page. Note: in order to access the diagnostic tool you'll need to be logged into your account on membermouse.com.

  4. There are two possible outcomes of this:

    Connection Successful
    If MemberMouse is able to trigger rebill payments on your site then you will see this:

    Connection Failed
    If MemberMouse is unable to trigger rebill payments on your site then you will see this:

    If the connection failed then you'll need to work with your hosting provider to ensure that the link listed on the diagnostic page is available to all web traffic (i.e. https://www.yourdomain.com/.../membermouse/scheduler/handler.php). You can click on the ‘view the response returned by the server‘ link to see what the server is returning when MemberMouse attempts to connect. This may be useful information to your hosting provider when they are looking into a resolution.

Reactivate the Affected Account

In the rare cases when issues do occur, after resolving the security issue if necessary, MemberMouse will try to restart any subscription payments that have been skipped.  If you see any missed payments that have not been restarted after a full day or two has passed, the best course of action is to cancel the member's current subscription and then start them rebilling on a new subscription. If you're using a payment method that supports card-on-file, then the easiest method to use is detailed here: Bill Card on File

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