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Meet Your New Favorite Growth Combo: MemberMouse & Easy Affiliate

It’s no secret that a good affiliate program is one of the most effective ways to grow your membership, subscription, or online course business.

What’s great about an affiliate program is that it rewards the members of your community for spreading the word about your business. Who wouldn’t want an army of superfans sharing links to your website and offers across the internet?

While it seems simple on the surface, the trouble with creating an affiliate program is that things can get complicated FAST.

You need tools and systems to handle things like link attribution, cookie windows, and affiliate payouts. Plus, you need a way to ensure your program is secure for your customers and affiliates. Without the right tools, you can run into fraud issues and other business nightmares.

What's The Solution?

Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable tools out there that can help you handle many of the tricky tech requirements of building your own affiliate program.

That said, a lot of the affiliate tools you’ll see on the market are:

1. Extremely technical and tough to use

2. Clunky and bloated with unnecessary features that can slow down your site

3. Expensive – with high registration costs and even transaction fees (you shouldn’t have to pay these)

Plus, many affiliate and referral marketing tools are standalone SaaS products that don’t always play nicely with WordPress. This can create extra work for you and a higher margin of error for your business.

If only there was an affordable, easy-to-use affiliate tool that was purpose-built for WordPress and integrated seamlessly with MemberMouse.

Oh wait… There is!

Today, we are beyond excited to announce that Easy Affiliate has created a brand-new integration with MemberMouse.

Easy Affiliate is the “all in one” affiliate plugin that thousands of online entrepreneurs use to power their affiliate programs. Even better, Easy Affiliate lets you build, run, and manage your own affiliate program right inside WordPress.

Introducing Your New Favorite Growth Combo: MemberMouse & Easy Affiliate

Over the past few months, the Easy Affiliate team has been hard at work to bring you this awesome new integration.

As a result, you can now automatically connect MemberMouse and Easy Affiliate with a single click of your mouse. Once you do, Easy Affiliate can start tracking all the clicks and sales your affiliates send your way.

There is so much to love about this new integration. Let’s take a look at a few of those reasons now.

What Is Easy Affiliate?

Easy Affiliate WordPress plugin

In case this is your first time hearing about this excellent plugin, Easy Affiliate is one of the most accessible and uncomplicated affiliate program plugins for WordPress

With it, you can design, build, and manage every aspect of your affiliate program right inside WordPress. It’s a plugin – just like MemberMouse – which means you won’t have to connect some standalone SaaS tool to your WordPress site and hope the integration holds up.

Since Easy Affiliate integrates directly with MemberMouse right inside WordPress, you can be confident all the data and reports it generates are accurate. No more “duct tape and pray” with Zapier!

But don't let Easy Affiliate's simple surface deceive you. This is a powerful plugin that packs a punch!

Here's a glance at all the profit-generating features you get inside Easy Affiliate:

✓ A user-friendly Affiliate Dashboard that shows you your most important metrics at a glance

Real-Time Reports that make seeing your daily clicks, sales, and commissions a cinch

✓ Dynamic affiliate summaries that act as a virtual “leaderboard” of your most effective partners

✓ Automatic fraud detection that helps you weed out bad actors before you pay them

✓ Flawless email marketing integrations that help you create and curate your affiliate audiences

1-Click Payouts make it easy and effortless to reward your referral partners

ZERO Transaction Fees! It's your affiliate program, there's no middleman to pay

Creative Control, upload and manage all the media assets you want your affiliates to use

Custom Affiliate Portal: create a branded portal for your partners to generate links, track their results, and grab your media assets 

✓ And so much more!

You can see the full picture of what Easy Affiliate has to offer here on their website.

For now, let's look at everything you can do with the MemberMouse + Easy Affiliate Combo.

Travel influencer filming a vlog in front of some scenic mountains

How MemberMouse & Easy Affiliate Work Together

One of the coolest things about the MemberMouse and Easy Affiliate integration is how seamlessly these tools connect. 

We'll show you how to integrate these two tools later in this article. But for now, it's enough to know that once you flip the switch, everything happens “auto-magically” in the background.

That means there's no API keys or secret codes for you to copy and paste. As long as your integration stays active, there's no risk of your data getting disconnected.

The Basics

Once you connect MemberMouse and Easy Affiliate, you can start tracking all of the clicks and sales your affiliates send your way. Easy Affiliate will track all product, membership, and bundle sales.

easy affiliate dashboard example

Depending on the terms of your affiliate program, you can choose to pay your affiliates only for initial sales. Or, you can choose to pay them a referral fee for all sales – including recurring sales on products like memberships or subscriptions.

Accepting Affiliates

From there, it's time to start accepting affiliates into your program. You have full control over how you do this. 

register affiliates with Easy Affiliate

You can let new affiliates register in three ways:

1. Public – anyone who can join your program via a public link on your website

2. Application – a new affiliate must complete an application and be approved before they can join your program

3. Private – This option makes your affiliate program “invite only” – how exclusive!

Affiliate Portal

After the initial setup, Easy Affiliate will create a customizable portal for your affiliates.

Easy Affiliate portal

This is where your referral partners can generate and grab their unique referral links, manage their account, see their clicks and commission history, and download any media assets you create for them.

Managing Transactions

In your Transactions area, you can see a log of all the sales made from one of your affiliates. What's awesome about this area is that Easy Affiliate displays the source of each sale made. 

Easy Affiliate transactions

This can be extremely helpful if you use multiple eCommerce tools to sell products on your WordPress site. Plus, Easy Affiliate displays the product sold, the total transaction amount, the commission fee, and the affiliate connected to the sale right inside the same dashboard.

Paying Affiliates

Once an affiliate crosses your payout threshold (you can define and control this in your Settings area), you can send them their payouts with a single click!

Easy Affiliate 1-click pay

Easy Affiliate works with PayPal and makes paying your affiliates simple and secure.

Man on laptop in an office setting

How To Integrate MemberMouse & Easy Affiliate

Remember earlier when we promised to show you how to integrate MemberMouse and Easy Affiliate?

Here's how to do it:

1. Make sure you have both MemberMouse and Easy Affiliate installed and activated

2. Go to the Settings area in Easy Affiliate

3. Click over to the eCommerce tab

4. Click the MemberMouse toggle switch 

5. Hit the Update Options button

And that's it! You have now successfully integrated MemberMouse with Easy Affiliate. We told you it was easy.

You'll just want to make sure you've added at least one payment method in MemberMouse. Easy Affiliate does work with the MemberMouse test payment service as well, in case you want to test your setup before publishing.

Now, Easy Affiliate will automatically begin tracking all the clicks and sales your affiliates and referral partners send your way.

Need Another Reason To Love Easy Affiliate?

Need another reason or two to love Easy Affiliate?

Not only is Easy Affiliate a powerful plugin you can use to create and manage your own affiliate program, it's also got an extraordinary team behind it!

Easy Affiliate Support

Easy Affiliate has an extensive knowledge base with support articles that'll help you get the most out of the plugin. Plus, they have a dedicated support team who are always ready to help you conquer any issues you might encounter as you build a powerful and profitable affiliate program.

If you have any questions about their plugin, we encourage you to reach out to their support team. They're only an email away.

Wrapping Up

We hope you're excited about our new integration with Easy Affiliate. We sure are!

When you create an effective affiliate program, it can feel like finding a new growth lever you never knew you had.

Now, with the combination of MemberMouse and Easy Affiliate, it's simpler and easier than ever before to do this right inside WordPress.

And the best part?

With Easy Affiliate, you have complete ownership and control over your affiliates program. Say goodbye to unnecessary fees and complicated software.

You can see the full support documentation about how to use MemberMouse with Easy Affiliate here.

If you have any questions or concerns about this exciting new integration, please leave a comment below. We'd love to hear what you think.

Matt Brown

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