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5 SmartTags™ That Will Help You Make Money

Delivering personalized, targeted content to your visitors has been proven to result in higher conversions, longer retention and ultimately greater lifetime customer value. But it comes with a challenge: you usually require the assistance of a developer, creating a bottle neck each time you want to change up your strategy.

That is, unless you have MemberMouse SmartTags™.

SmartTags™ are proprietary shortcodes that allow you to add all kinds of functionality to your WordPress pages without having to know anything about programming.

Because MemberMouse functions as part content-protection system and part CRM, you get unparalleled flexibility to display dynamic content such as:

  • first name,
  • last name,
  • products ordered,
  • membership level,
  • referring affiliate,
  • and more!

SmartTags™ allow you to be creative and customiz

With SmartTags™, you have at your fingertips the power to create a fully personalized, targeted and dynamic experience for your customers – without needing to code anything.

In this post we’re going to cover 5 SmartTags™ that you can use today to improve the member experience on your site, boost conversions and increase lifetime customer value.

If you aren’t using SmartTags™ yet, we hope this guide will provide you with the inspiration to get started. After you read this article, we guarantee you’ll have at least one solid idea you can implement to improve your business today.

1. The Member Data SmartTag™

Key Takeaway: Member Data SmartTags™ allow you to display specific information about the member who’s currently viewing the page.

This SmartTag™ lets you display information related to the member who’s logged in such as first name, last name, email address, phone number, number of days they’ve been a member, and more. For a full list of the data you can display, head here.

How could you use this on your site?

Let’s say that you want to add a personal touch to your Member Homepage.

You can use this SmartTag™ like this…

Hi, [MM_Member_Data name='firstName']!

…to personally greet your members, resulting in something like: Hi, Jamie!

You could also use it to display a member’s username and password on a Confirmation page after they’ve made a purchase. While this may sound simple, don’t underestimate the power of personalization when it comes to engaging your members.

2. The Purchase Link SmartTag™

Key Takeaway: Purchase Link SmartTags™ generate a link to the checkout page so customers can purchase a particular product. If the current customer has a card on file, this SmartTag™ intelligently adjusts itself and generates a 1-click purchase link instead.

At its core, the most basic benefit of a Purchase Link SmartTag™ is that it ensures your product links will always be correct and will direct your customers to the appropriate checkout pages.

But the real power of the Purchase Link SmartTag™ comes into play when combined with card-on-file functionality. When you use the Purchase Link SmartTag™, MemberMouse automatically detects whether or not your customer has an active card-on-file. If they do, MemberMouse generates a 1-click purchase link, and automatically charges the card on file. This makes for a seamless customer experience and improves your chances of successful cross-sells or upsells.

How could you implement this?

The Purchase Link SmartTag™ can be displayed anywhere on your site. Let’s say that all of your members are currently on free membership plans. You could create a promotion for a paid membership level and display the offer on the Member Homepage using a Purchase Link SmartTag™.

How it could look:

<a href="[MM_Purchase_Link productId='4']">Purchase Membership</a>

Or you could create a one-time only product and offer it as an upsell to all of your paying customers. If they have a card-on-file 1-click purchasing kicks in and simplifies their buying experience. If you'd like to learn more about creating purchase links go here.

3. The Member Decision SmartTag™

Key Takeaway: Member Decision SmartTags™ are used to show or hide content based on information about the current member.

If you ever find yourself saying, “I wish I could show something specific to members who have these attributes…” then the Member Decision SmartTag™ is likely what you’re looking for. This is one of the most robust SmartTags™.

What does this look like in action?

With this SmartTag™ you can choose to show or hide content to your customers based on a number of different attributes. For this example, let’s create a targeted upsell offer based on a customer’s purchase history.

Let’s say that you want to present everyone who’s bought your Beginners Course with an offer to buy your Intermediate Course. You could use the Member Decision SmartTag™ with the purchasedProduct attribute to speak directly to these members. Only the people who have already purchased your Beginners Course will be shown your offer for the Intermediate Course.

How it could look:

[MM_Member_Decision purchasedProduct='1']
Only members who purchased product with ID of 1 will see this

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about showing or hiding content for different membership levels, check out this article.

4. The Access Decision SmartTag™

Key Takeaway: Access Decision SmartTags™ are used to create self-promoting content by allowing you to show or hide content based on a member’s access rights to a particular page.

This SmartTag™ allows you to have fine-grained control over the pages that protect your content. MemberMouse's default response to someone attempting to access a page they don’t have access to is to redirect them to an error page. This is great and very secure, but one problem with having all of your content protected behind a paywall is that it can’t be indexed by search engines or utilized for any type of promotional activity.

This is where the Access Decision SmartTag™ comes in. By using this SmartTag™ you’re instructing MemberMouse to allow access the page and that you’ll determine what people will see when they have appropriate access rights or when they’re just a visitor.

Here’s a simple example that illustrates a situation where this would be valuable.

What does this look like in action?

Imagine that you have a protected page with some full-length video content. What you can do with the Access Decision SmartTag™ is put all of the paid content within a SmartTag™ that only shows it to people with access to that page:

[MM_Access_Decision access=’true’]
Paid Content For Members with Access

Then you can create a second Access Decision SmartTag™ that sets a second set of parameters for people without access to that page:

[MM_Access_Decision access='false']
Teaser Content for Visitors without Access 

You can then choose to show a preview or teaser of the content they would get if they were paying members. In the content you display for non-members, you can also include some sales copy and a sign-up link for your membership.

Now, your pages become what we call “self-promoting.” What this means is that each content page with an Access Decision SmartTag™ can now be used to not only deliver content to your members, but also to promote your material to prospective customers! The links to those pages can be shared anywhere you like — in email, social media, etc.

The Access Decision SmartTag™ allows you to be more discerning about what visitors see. It puts the power in your hands to fully control the visibility of your protected pages.

5. Custom Decision SmartTag™

Key Takeaway: Custom Decision SmartTags™ are used to create content that is targeted based on the external source a visitor came from (i.e. Google ad, banner ad, email, etc). This is accomplished by showing or hiding content based on custom data that’s passed to the page via the URL.

Imagine you have an email that you sent out which contains a link to a page on your site with the following URL: http://yoursite.com/?source=email&seqnum=5. By configuring your link in this way you’re indicating that the important information to you is the source this visitor came from and number of the email in the sequence they clicked on. This is just an example.

The idea is that you can specify any data points that are meaningful to you when constructing the URL. When the visitor clicks this link and lands on your site, MemberMouse will automatically store this data so that is can be referenced not only on the landing page, but across the whole site.

What does this look like in action?

Keep in mind that you wouldn't actually put the SmartTag™ in the email you send out. All you need to do is define the parameters that you want to track. In this case, the first category we’re interested is source and the second is sequence number. In our example, the value of source is “email” and the value of sequence number is “5” so the URL we use in our email would be something like: http://yoursite.com/?source=email&seqnum=5. On your site, in order to show targeted content to those people who click on this link, here’s what the SmartTag™ would look like:

[MM_Custom_Decision source='email' seqnum='5']
Personalized Content for Visitors Who Clicked Link in Email #5

When you insert this SmartTag™ into the content on your site you will then have the ability to customize what is shown to people who arrive at your site after clicking the link in email #5.

This means that whether someone arrives at your site from a Google Ad, Facebook Ad, Banner Ad or a link from in an email campaign, you have the opportunity to greet each visitor in a personalized way by using the Custom Decision SmartTag™.

Any time you have the opportunity and ability to show your visitors you know something about them, to warmly welcome them to your site, the more you increase your chances of converting prospects into customers.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you are excited and inspired to implement the power and flexibility of SmartTags™ on your site. If you are currently using MemberMouse and not taking advantage of SmartTags™, you are missing out on a lot of the tremendous value our platform has to offer. While there is a learning curve to learn SmartTags™, the result of your time spent is well worth it.

From the beginning of MemberMouse, our approach has been to empower our customers with tools that assist them in implementing their best ideas for the success of their business. We believe technology should be flexible enough to work with any idea and not force people to settle for less because of technical limitations.

Our proprietary features like SmartTags™, Core membership pages, A/B pricing, Channel Sales Tracking and Advanced Reports are designed to allow flexibility, maximize revenue and automate support-related issues. Plus, Courses for MemberMouse extension makes it easier than ever for you to create and sell courses inside your membership. Take a look at the range of features MemberMouse has to offer and see how it can best support your vision.

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