The 8 Most Popular Uses of MemberMouse Push Notifications

If you've ever used MemberMouseor are thinking about using it — you've likely seen how many features our platform has to help you build, grow, and manage your WordPress membership site.

We'll be the first to admit that the sheer number of features packed into our plugin can oftentimes be overwhelming — for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs alike.

Even though all of these features are purpose-built to help you meet the challenges of starting, running, and growing your online business, it can be tough to know where to start. And once you master the basics of MemberMouse, it can be easy to overlook some of our more “advanced” features.

That's why we created this blog post for you. It's designed to highlight the importance and use cases of one of our most overlooked set of features: Push Notifications.

Don't let the seemingly simple name of this feature fool you. Our push notification system is one of the best kept secrets when it comes to automating tasks and actions inside your membership site. When you grasp the power of push notifications, you'll be able to automate a lot of your “busy work” so that you have more time, energy, and bandwidth to focus on the projects that'll grow your business.

In this article, we’ll cover the 8 most popular uses of MemberMouse’s powerful Push Notification feature. This will help you see how this feature can be implemented on your site.

But before we get started, let’s take a second to review the basics.

What are Push Notifications?

Push Notifications are powerful tools that allow you to automatically perform actions based on real-time events in MemberMouse. For example, let’s say that you want to send your members a receipt each time they are billed for your membership or purchase a product. You would use Push Notifications to do this.

Or, imagine that you want to send an email to someone on your team each time a new member joined your site. Push Notifications (found under the Developer Tools menu in MemberMouse) would help you accomplish this. They can also be used to call custom scripts to update a 3rd party database, or connect to other applications using Zapier. We'll get more into that later, though.

Why Should You Care?

Think about it for a second… Not only will you save time by automating the routine processes of your business, you’ll be able to create a communication system that accounts for practically any event that would occur on your membership site. And the best part? Once you’ve set up your push notifications, they work automatically, behind the scenes.

Now let’s take a look at the 8 most popular uses of the Push Notification feature.

membermouse push notifications receipt

1. Send A Payment Receipt

Perhaps the most popular and common use of the Push Notification feature is to send a payment receipt to your customers. Any time you receive a payment through MemberMouse, you can create a push notification to be sent to the corresponding member. What’s great is that this works for both initial and rebill payments. That means you only have to create one push notification in order to automatically send receipts to all of your customers.

When you send receipts to your customers, you can also specify which email address the receipt comes from. This way you can have the email come from a customer service email address or from someone on your team. MemberMouse does come with a built-in receipt email template. But, you can also create your own email, style it any way you want with HTML and MemberMouse SmartTags. For more information on using Push Notifications to send receipts to your customers, check out this article.

membermouse push notifications reminder

2. Send An Overdue Payment Reminder

Being able to send overdue payment reminders to your customers is a great way to keep your churn rate down and maximize the profitability of your business. With Push Notifications, you can trigger an email to be sent to a member anytime their account goes into an overdue status. This push notification is actually built into MemberMouse by default as part of our automatic overdue payment handling. But, if you’d like the edit the messaging that is sent out to your customers or change who the email is sent to or from, you have the power to do so.

Since this push notification is automatically triggered any time one of your member’s accounts goes into an overdue status, you’ll save a ton of time tracking your members’ statuses and chasing down overdue accounts. Learn more about overdue payment notifications here.

membermouse push notifications cancel

3. Send An Email When A Member Cancels

It’s essential that you have the ability to communicate with your customers whenever they cancel their account with you. Whether you want to simply confirm their cancellation or attempt to win them back as a customer, Push Notifications give you the power and flexibility to communicate with your members when they cancel.

Also, if you have a variety of membership levels, you can create custom notifications based on each tier. Perhaps you communicate differently with your entry level members than you do with your premium members. Or maybe you only want to receive alerts when your most valuable customers cancel their accounts. Push Notifications not only make this possible, they make it easy to accomplish.

For instance, let’s say that you want to send out three different cancelation emails to your bronze, silver, and gold members. On the emails you create for those membership levels, you can CC any email address you like.

In the case of a cancellation email, you can CC a member of your customer service team so that they’re notified each time a member cancels. You can also create standalone push notifications specifically for this purpose. That way if you have an internal follow-up or retention process for members who cancel, you and your team will automatically know who to contact.

membermouse push notifications sign up

4. Get Notified When A New Member Signs Up

In large part, the way you welcome a new member to your business will set the tone for your future relationship. With MemberMouse, a fully-customizable welcome email for new members is automatically generated whenever you create a membership level.

However, much in the same way as defined above with cancellation emails, you can use Push Notifications to create a system that notifies you or someone on your team whenever a new member joins your site. This use-case of Push Notifications is great because it can be triggered both when anyone joins your site or when someone joins a specific membership level.

For example, let’s say that you offer both free and paid membership levels. If you’re getting a lot of free signups, you may not want to be notified each time that happens. But, you may want to be notified when someone joins your paid membership level. With this application of Push Notifications, you can specify that an email be sent to you or someone on your team each time someone joins your paid membership level.

If you’d like to learn more about creating a communication system you can use internally with your team, this article outlines the process step-by-step.

membermouse push notifications purchase

5. Send An Email When A Product or Bundle Is Purchased

This push notification is especially useful when your members buy individual products or bundles. Let’s say that you offer both a monthly membership and a la carte offerings. Maybe you offer phone consultations, coaching calls or a physical product. With this push notification, you can thank your members for purchasing these specific products and also notify yourself or a team member when one is purchased. Follow these links for more information on setting up notifications for products or for bundles.

membermouse push notifications upgrade

6. Send An Email When A Member Upgrades Or Downgrades

Can you think of a situation where you’d like to communicate with your customers or team whenever a member upgrades or downgrades their account? Maybe you have a certain protocol that members on a premium level plan go through. With Push Notifications you can send fully customizable messages to your customers, staff members or both, whenever one of your members upgrades or downgrades their account.

You can use this functionality simply to confirm the change in membership level for your customers. Or you could discover more nuanced applications for your business. For example, let’s say that someone who is on one of your premium-level plans downgrades their account. You could use Push Notifications to notify someone on your team. They could then reach out to that customer and get feedback from them as to why they downgraded their account. You can learn more about how to send emails whenever a member changes their membership level here.

membermouse push notifications status

7. Send An Email When A Member’s Status Changes

This is one of the most powerful use-cases of Push Notifications. Before we dig in to sending emails whenever a member changes their status, let’s take a quick second to review the Member Status Lifecycle as MemberMouse defines it. In MemberMouse, a member can have 1 of 9 different statuses (Pending Activation, Error, Active, Pending Cancellation, Canceled, Paused, Locked, Overdue, & Expired)

With Push Notifications you can create emails to be sent out whenever a member enters into one of these statuses. That means you can have specific emails that are automatically sent to your members when they go from being Active to Pending Cancellation. When this happens, you might want to craft an email that says “Sorry to see you go!” and attempts to retain the member.

Similarly, if a member’s account status goes into Error you can have a customer support email sent out. This email can notify them of the problem such as an invalid credit card number and help them correct it so they can gain access to your site.

The thing to keep in mind here is that a custom push notification can be created for each different member status. The flexibility of this system makes it easy for you to effectively communicate your members within the context of your business.

membermouse push notifications affiliates

8. Communicating With Affiliates

If you work with affiliate partners as part of your marketing strategy, using Push Notifications is great way to communicate with them. When communicating with your affiliate partners, you can use Push Notifications to notify them of initial payments, rebill payments, and canceled payments.

membermouse and easy affiliate integration

Let’s say that a new affiliate drives their first paying customer to your business. In this case, you could create an email to be sent to them congratulating and thanking them for earning their first commission. Depending on the structure of your affiliate payout system, you can also send out an email whenever a rebill payment occurs. And, if for whatever reason an affiliate commission is canceled (i.e. in the case of a refunded product), you send out a notification email as well.

Going Deeper

Those are 8 of the most popular uses of Push Notifications. However, this feature doesn’t stop there. You can also use Push Notifications to notify Zapier and call custom scripts. By connecting MemberMouse with Zapier, you can easily integrate your membership site with thousands of other applications. This can help you can automate tasks across systems, pass along data to your accounting or affiliate management system, automate communications to members or internal staff, and so much more.

If you’ve been looking for a way to connect your membership site to a customer support system like FreshDesk, an email platform like Drip, or a CRM like HubSpot, using Push Notifications to connect with Zapier will help you get the job done. For more information about integrating MemberMouse with Zapier, check out this article from our Knowledge Base.

Final Thoughts

Push Notifications give you unparalleled flexibility in the way you communicate with your members, your team, and the other applications you use to run your business. The possibilities for their effective application are endless.

And the best part?

Once you set them up, they run automatically in the background, saving you time, energy, and effort.

Do you have any questions about our powerful push notification features? If so, let us know in the comments section below! We'd love to hear from you.

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