MemberMouse 2.2.0 – Massive Update!

I’m pleased to announce the release of MemberMouse 2.2.0. This release contains major improvements for all plans. Here are a few of the highlights. As always, you can see the release notes for more details…

Customer Value, Churn & Retention Reporting is Here!

We’ve upgraded the basic reporting for Starter, Builder, and Growth Plans, and we’ve released a series of enhanced reports for Advanced plans and up. This reporting suite gives you all of the powerful metrics you’ve been requesting. I am absolutely convinced this reporting suite is unparalleled in the WordPress membership plugin market. Please take a look at Dan’s video where he explains all of these new reports, and how you can use them to grow your business:


Facebook / Twitter / Google+ Social Login

This release also brings social login functionality with support for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. By using social login, customers can sign up for a free membership level using their existing account on one of the supported providers. Note that this doesn’t have an effect on or interfere with the current methods of sign up. Social Login functionality is available on Advanced plans and up.

Slick New Interface & Redesigned Home Screen

We’ve updated the look and feel of the entire plugin. It now has a modern feel and retina-supported iconography. And with fewer images to load, it makes the plugin run faster than ever. You’ll also notice the layout of the home screen has been updated as well. But never fear, all your important metrics are still there.


MemberMouse will automatically prorate the first membership subscription charge when a customer upgrades to a new membership. When this feature is enabled (it is disabled by default), MemberMouse will determine how much the customer has remaining on their current subscription and will automatically apply this as a credit to the first charge on the membership they’re switching to. This feature is available on all plans.

Bitcoin / Coinbase Integration

For those of you living on the edge and who wish to process payments with crypto currency, we’re including a coinbase integration with this release. This integration is available on all plans. To learn more about this payment method, please see this support article:


Reminder To Update Your Plugin

No matter what plan you’re on, updating your plugin will bring you lots of great functionality. It’s important that you always update your MemberMouse plugin to get the latest features, bug fixes, and security updates. To learn how to update your plugin to the most current version, please read this support article:


How To Upgrade to An Advanced Plan

If you’d like to get access to the Reporting Suite and Social Login functionality, please upgrade to an Advanced Plan. To do this, simply login to membermouse.com with your credentials, go to the “My Account” page, and change your membership level. After that, go to “MemberMouse plugin > General Settings > Manage Install > Repair Install” This will upgrade you to the latest version.

To See All The Details Regarding MemberMouse 2.2.0 please see the release notes here.

Eric Turnnessen

Eric Turnnessen is the founder of MemberMouse and the brains behind the operation. His absolute dedication to quality and insistence on perfection have made MemberMouse the premier WordPress membership plugin on the market today. Eric is known to be a clear, concise, long-term thinker, who values customer satisfaction over short term profits. Eric enjoys long walks on the.. oh wait, wrong profile. Eric has architected systems for Fortune 500 businesses such as Wal-Mart, Sony Pictures, Barnes and Noble, and British Airways. His attention to detail and commitment to continual improvement make MemberMouse the #1 choice for business owners looking for a reliable and scalable membership solution.

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