membermouse wordpress membership plugin version 2.1.0 updates history

MemberMouse Versions 2.1.0 – 2.2.7 Release Notes

MemberMouse Version 2.1.0 Release – New Card-On-File Integrations, Custom Fields & API Improvements

December 15, 2013

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you another feature-packed update.

Two New Card-On-File Payment Integrations, Yay!

To kick things off, we’ve added Authorize.net CIM as a new payment method that supports card-on-file functionality which enables 1-click upselling (and downselling for that matter). We’ve integrated with LimeLight CRM to bring a new payment method to MemberMouse 2.1.0. This integration also brings card-on-file functionality and a suite of features that support advanced direct-response marketers, such as chargeback protection and merchant account load balancing.

Go Wild With Custom Fields Anywhere!

In the past, the only place you could collect custom field data from a member was on the checkout page or on their My Account page. Now we've added a new form that allows you to collect custom field data from your members at any point in time, anywhere on your site. You can even collect data over multiple pages to make your forms more user-friendly and much less intimidating. That means higher conversion rates!

Plus Lots of Other Goodies…

We’ve also added a few more features associated with WordPress 3.8 compatibility, checkout page improvements, settings for handling overdue clients, and API improvements for all you fancy pants users. You can check out the full release notes here: https://membermouse.com/docs/2-1-0-release-notes/

Thanks again for being a MemberMouse client, and we look forward to bringing you more features and snazzy upgrades soon. We’ve got some great stuff planned for 2014. Wait, it’s almost 2014? Holy moly! 2014!


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MemberMouse Version 2.1.1 Release – MM Community! Gifting, Pending Cancellation, UserVoice & More

March 26, 2014

The team at MemberMouse is excited to bring you another feature packed release. This new version of the plugin includes some excellent new functionality. In addition to this release, we're also introducing the “MemberMouse Community.”

Introducing the MemberMouse Community!

We invite you to participate in the brand new MemberMouse community. Consider it a place to share tips and tricks, best practices, and success stories. We believe that there is tremendous value in building a community that can foster growth and provide ancillary support above and beyond our in-house customer support. We will be looking to you, the MemberMouse community, to highlight bugs and vote on feature requests. We take your feedback and your user experience seriously and will take your comments into consideration as we continue to improve the platform. Please visit the MemberMouse community and make your voice heard! To access the community, visit:


Highlights of MemberMouse 2.1.1

1) Gifting Functionality – Now, your customers have a way to gift memberships and bundles to other people. This long awaited functionality is a great way for your customers to introduce other people to your business.

2) Account Cancellation – We've introduced a new status called “Pending Cancellation.” Now when a customer on a subscription goes to cancel, billing will immediately be cancelled and their account will be put into pending cancellation status, which will allow them to continue to have access for as long as they paid for. This new status functionality can be selceted in the “status change” push notification, so you can call or email members when they cancel a free-trial. This is a fantastic way to talk to customers when they're exiting your business, to see why they're leaving, and potentially retain their membership with a discount offer. Extremely powerful!

3) Integrated with UserVoice's Single Sign-On Functionality. This allows your members to log into your UserVoice site with the same credentials they use to log into your site. If a user is already logged into your WordPress website, they can easily access your UserVoice support center without having to enter their credentials. This can also prevent non-members from accessing your support suite or participating in discussions.

4) Custom field Member Decisions: Now you can make member decisions based on custom fields. For example, if the ID of the custom field that stores job title is 4 then to compare against the current member's job title you would use [MM_Member_Decision customField_4='ceo']. Very powerful!

To learn more about all the details of this release, please visit:

IMPORTANT NOTE: We've switched from Desk to UserVoice for our customer support and knowledge base. So until you update your plugin, any links to the support center that you click from within the plugin will be invalid. Please update your plugin at your earliest convenience.


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MemberMouse 2.2.0 – Massive Update!

August 19, 2014

I’m pleased to announce the release of MemberMouse 2.2.0. This release contains major improvements for all plans. Here are a few of the highlights. As always, you can see the release notes for more details…

Customer Value, Churn & Retention Reporting is Here!

We’ve upgraded the basic reporting for Starter, Builder, and Growth Plans, and we’ve released a series of enhanced reports for Advanced plans and up. This reporting suite gives you all of the powerful metrics you’ve been requesting. I am absolutely convinced this reporting suite is unparalleled in the WordPress membership plugin market. Please take a look at Dan’s video where he explains all of these new reports, and how you can use them to grow your business:


Facebook / Twitter / Google+ Social Login

This release also brings social login functionality with support for Twitter, Facebook and Google+. By using social login, customers can sign up for a free membership level using their existing account on one of the supported providers. Note that this doesn't have an effect on or interfere with the current methods of sign up. Social Login functionality is available on Advanced plans and up.

Slick New Interface & Redesigned Home Screen

We’ve updated the look and feel of the entire plugin. It now has a modern feel and retina-supported iconography. And with fewer images to load, it makes the plugin run faster than ever. You’ll also notice the layout of the home screen has been updated as well. But never fear, all your important metrics are still there.


MemberMouse will automatically prorate the first membership subscription charge when a customer upgrades to a new membership. When this feature is enabled (it is disabled by default), MemberMouse will determine how much the customer has remaining on their current subscription and will automatically apply this as a credit to the first charge on the membership they're switching to. This feature is available on all plans.

Bitcoin / Coinbase Integration

For those of you living on the edge and who wish to process payments with crypto currency, we’re including a coinbase integration with this release. This integration is available on all plans. To learn more about this payment method, please see this support article:


Reminder To Update Your Plugin

No matter what plan you’re on, updating your plugin will bring you lots of great functionality. It’s important that you always update your MemberMouse plugin to get the latest features, bug fixes, and security updates. To learn how to update your plugin to the most current version, please read this support article:


How To Upgrade to An Advanced Plan

If you’d like to get access to the Reporting Suite and Social Login functionality, please upgrade to an Advanced Plan. To do this, simply login to membermouse.com with your credentials, go to the “My Account” page, and change your membership level. After that, go to “MemberMouse plugin > General Settings > Manage Install > Repair Install” This will upgrade you to the latest version.

To See All The Details Regarding MemberMouse 2.2.0 please see the release notes here.


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MemberMouse Version 2.2.3 Released Today!

April 23, 2015

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.3. This version brings more than a handful of powerful new features.

If some of these things sound awfully technical, don’t sweat it. Just know that our developers are hard at work making improvements to the platform, adding new features, and making sure things are always up to date with WordPress and the other services with which we integrate. In fact, there are a lot of very technical things in this release that we won't get into, but will improve the stability and reliability of the plugin.

The two things you should pay attention to are the end of support for PHP 5.2, and changes to the Password Reset functionality, which you can learn about below. Action may be required on your part for these items.

Here are the highlights from today's release:

  • New Training Videos on the MemberMouse Plugin Dashboard
  • Important Notice: End of PHP 5.2 Support
  • Changes To Password Reset Functionality
  • Custom Pages Inside The Member Details Area
  • Safe Mode for Troubleshooting
  • Lifetime Value Displayed on Each Customer
  • SmartTag for 1-Click Billing Amount
  • Stability and Reliability Improvements


New Training Videos on the MemberMouse Plugin Dashboard

We've published several new videos to show you how to get up to speed as quickly as possible with MemberMouse, plus a few videos showing you some of the advanced functionality you should be aware of. You'll see these new videos on the MemberMouse dashboard. You can collapse the menu if you don't need to see them anymore.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: End of PHP 5.2 Support

Starting with the next release, MemberMouse will no longer support versions of PHP lower than 5.3. Once you’ve upgraded to this version of MemberMouse, the plugin will display a warning message if you need to take any action. If you see a warning message displayed when you log into your WordPress admin area, this means that you’re currently running a version of PHP lower then 5.3. If you’re on a version of PHP lower than 5.3, please contact your hosting provider and request a more recent version of PHP.  For more information, click here.

Changes to Password Reset Functionality

[MM_Member_Data name='password'] functionality has been deprecated. In the short term the SmartTag will still allow passwords to be sent via email but only immediately after an account is first created. Passwords are no longer encrypted and stored, and all customers should instead update their forgot password email templates to use the new reset password mechanism. See the next bullet point for more information.

Integrated the reset password process directly with WordPress’ built-in process. Now when a customer requests a new password through the forgot password form they’ll receive an email with a link that has a unique, encrypted reset validation key assuring the user is truly the owner of the account and can safely reset their password. This will take them to a new reset password core page where they can enter in a new password.

ACTION REQUIRED: Now that the customer will be given the opportunity to set their own new password via the reset password page, you’ll need to update your forgot password email template to include the SmartTag that outputs the secure reset password link. Here’s what you need to add:

[MM_CorePage_Link type='resetpassword']

Read this article to learn how to update your forgot password email template.

Custom Pages Inside The Member Details Area

Added the ability to add user-defined pages to the member details area of the plugin (the back-end member management area of MemberMouse). With user-defined pages you can create custom pages driven by member data that are proprietary to your business. Since they’re loaded in the member details area this provides you with the opportunity to streamline your customer support processes. This is an iframe, so you can load 3rd party pages that may be useful for your customer support agents. Pro Tip: You can load a script that provides custom functionality that your business may need (such as displaying data from another system). Learn more.

Safe Mode for Troubleshooting

We’ve added Safe Mode functionality to make it quicker and easier for our customer success team to help you troubleshoot potential issues with the MemberMouse plugin. If you run into a situation where MemberMouse seems to behaving in an unexpected way, the first step will be to put MemberMouse into Safe Mode. This will temporarily deactivate all 3rd party software running on your WordPress site which removes the potential for this software to interfere with MemberMouse. If the issue cannot be replicated with Safe Mode activated then this is a good sign that the issue is being caused by one of the 3rd party software providers and reaching out to their support team will yield the quickest resolution to the problem. Knowing exactly where issues are coming from will help you resolve them more quickly. Learn more.

Lifetime Value Displayed on Each Customer

Added lifetime customer value to the member details area allowing you to quickly see the LCV number for each customer.

SmartTag for 1-Click Billing Amount

Added a new SmartTag for use on the checkout and 1-click purchase forms: [MM_Form_Data name='productPriceDescription']. This SmartTag outputs a detailed description of the billing associated with the product being purchased. For example, 14 day free trial, $10.00/month, $197.00, 2 payments of $19.95, $99/year, etc. Learn more.

Of course, there are a handful of other improvements we’ve made to the MemberMouse platform, and more exciting features are in development. You can read about all of these improvements in the official release notes.

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

REMINDER: If you have a cache plugin activated on your WordPress site, make sure that your clear the cache following the MemberMouse upgrade. Read this article to learn more about using cache plugins with MemberMouse.


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MemberMouse Version 2.2.4 Release Today!

December 14, 2015

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.4. This version brings a handful of powerful new features, essential security updates, performance enhancements and more.

This release is something we consider as an essential release for anyone using MemberMouse. In addition to a host of new features and bug fixes, this release includes necessary security updates and amazing performance enhancements which increase the performance of the MemberMouse plugin between 100% and 300% across the board.

A big thank you to those of you who participated in the beta version of this release. Your help was extremely valuable in helping to identify and address minor issues in MM 2.2.4.

We've been running MM 2.2.4 on membermouse.com for a couple weeks now and it's been great. The performance enhancements have made a significant impact and the browse transactions report has come in handy numerous times. I'm excited for you to experience MM 2.2.4! See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

To your success,
Eric Turnnessen

Release Highlights
  • Essential security fixes
  • Performance enhancements resulting in 100%-300% performance increase of the MemberMouse plugin
  • Added a browse transactions report enabling you to search all transactions by product, coupon usage, initial charge versus recurring and more
  • Added a test payment service that you can use to simulate all purchases and refunds
  • Added ability to limit trial products to only be purchased once
  • Added a [MM_Product_Data] SmartTag allowing you to dynamically output product information on your website and in push notification emails
  • Upgraded to reCaptcha v2
  • Added support for additional top-level domains in email validation check on the checkout page
  • Added extra options to bundle and membership status changed push notifications
  • And a lot more!
Upgrading to MemberMouse 2.2.4

Upgrading software on your live production can be a daunting prospect. However, I encourage you not to let that stand in your way of taking advantage of the huge amount of work that's gone into this release for your benefit. We've done our best to ensure the upgrade process will go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the steps we've taken:

  1. Gone through our standard internal QA process
  2. Worked with our beta test group for a month to find and address minor issues
  3. Used ourselves as a test case by running MM 2.2.4 on membermouse.com for over 2 weeks to ensure everything is running smoothly

With that said, it's impossible for us to cover all possible environments where MemberMouse can run — we all use different themes, plugins and run on different server environments which introduces a huge amount of variables. Based on the amount of testing we've done we expect the upgrade to happen without incident for the majority of people. Even so, it's generally a good practice to go through the following steps when making changes to a production environment:

  1. If you have a staging site that mirrors your live site, I recommend installing MM 2.2.4 there and running through some of the essential features of your site to ensure there are no conflicts between MM 2.2.4 and any other plugins you're running
  2. Prior to upgrading to MM 2.2.4 on your live site, make a backup of your site so if necessary you can revert
  3. Prior to upgrading make sure to review the list below of important notices in case action is required by you in association with upgrading to MM 2.2.4
  4. If you have a cache plugin activated on your WordPress site, make sure that your clear the cache following the MemberMouse upgrade. Read this article to learn more about using cache plugins with MemberMouse
Important Notices for this Release

Visual Editor Plugins and [MM_Form] SmartTags
If you're using a visual editor plugin such as Visual Composer, it's possible that you're using [MM_Form] SmartTags in a way that's not compatible with MM 2.2.4. View this article for details.

reCaptcha v2 Upgrade
reCaptcha v2 uses different keys than reCaptcha v1 so in order to ensure your reCaptcha integration continues to work following upgrading to MM 2.2.4 you'll need to get a new set of keys for reCaptcha. There's a step-by-step video showing you how to do this in the release notes.

PHP 5.2 is No Longer Supported
As we mentioned in our last release, PHP 5.2 support would be ending with this release. If you're still running PHP 5.2 on your server you'll need to upgrade before using MM 2.2.4. Read this article for more information.

View Release Notes


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MemberMouse Version 2.2.5 Released!

April 12, 2016

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.5. This version includes updates relating to WordPress 4.5, infrastructure upgrades, security enhancements and numerous bug fixes.

As part of our continuing commitment to provide a secure platform for our customers, we engaged Pritect.net to conduct a security audit on our full codebase. This release addresses multiple issues that were discovered, ranging from privilege escalation vulnerabilities to strengthening the source of entropy used in API key and password generation. Special thanks to James Golovich of Pritect.net for providing the security audit.

This release is something we consider as an essential release for anyone using MemberMouse. A big thank you to those of you who participated in the beta version of this release. Your help was extremely valuable in helping to identify and address minor issues in MM 2.2.5.

See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

To your success,
Eric Turnnessen

Release Highlights
  • Tested with WordPress 4.5
  • Incorporated feedback from a 3rd Party security audit of the entire codebase
  • Improved reliability of SmartTag processing when used in conjunction with theme editors
  • Added a new filter which allows you to customize the information passed to Stripe along with a payment
  • Updated necessary links in preparation for Authorize.net's upcoming infrastructure changes
  • Fixed issue where credit card number input on the checkout form wasn't working on Android devices
  • Fixed issue where refunds issued from PayPal and Authorize.net CIM were being added to Lifetime Customer Value in the member details area as opposed to being subtracted
  • …and more! view the release notes for the full list

View Release Notes


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MemberMouse Version 2.2.6 Released!

September 28, 2016

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.6. This version includes updates relating to WordPress 4.6, localization support, Zapier and ActiveCampaign integrations and numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

Release Highlights
  • Tested with WordPress 4.6
  • ActiveCampaign email integration
  • Localization support. Now it's possible to translate most text in MemberMouse to the language of your choice
  • Zapier is now integrated directly into the push notification system allowing you to easily connect MemberMouse with one of Zapier's 500+ application integrations
  • New push notification event that's triggered whenever a product is purchased
  • Import wizard enhancements
  • Checkout form enhancements
  • …and more! view the release notes for the full list
Upgrading to MemberMouse 2.2.6

IMPORTANT: Prior to upgrading be sure to use our compatibility test plugin to ensure your environment is compatible with the latest version.

View Release Notes


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MemberMouse Version 2.2.7 Released!

May 12, 2017

The MemberMouse team is happy to announce our new release, version 2.2.7. This version includes enhancements to the plugin deactivation protocol, support for Authorize.net Accept.js, updates to Facebook Social Login as well as several enhancements and bug fixes.

See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

Release Highlights
  • Updated MemberMouse license deactivation protocol to alert the site admin prior to deactivation and allow for a longer window before the plugin deactivates.
  • Implemented Authorize.net's new Accept.js token exchange, minimizing the work required to achieve PCI-DSS compliance.
  • Facebook SSO Login updated to account for the removal of support for Graph API 2.2.
  • Introduced proration and upgrade functionality within the same membership level.
  • Generic shortcodes and other non-SmartTags can now be processed when included in Push Notification emails.
  • …and more! View the release notes for the full list.
Upgrading to MemberMouse 2.2.7

View Release Notes


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Eric Turnnessen

Eric Turnnessen is the founder of MemberMouse. His absolute dedication to quality and insistence on perfection have made MemberMouse the premier WordPress membership plugin on the market today. His attention to detail and commitment to continual improvement make MemberMouse the #1 choice for business owners looking for a reliable and scalable membership solution.

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