2.1.1 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

View this article for step-by-step instructions on upgrading MemberMouse.

Introducing the New MemberMouse User Community

We invite you to participate in the new MemberMouse community.  Consider it a place to share tips and tricks, best practices, and success stories. We believe that there is tremendous value in building a community that can foster growth and provide ancillary support above and beyond our in-house customer support.  We will be looking to you, the MemberMouse community, to highlight bugs and vote on feature requests. We take your feedback and your user experience seriously and will take your comments into consideration as we continue to improve the platform.

  • We've implemented gifting functionality. Now your customers will have a way to gift memberships and bundles. Learn more.
  • Enhanced the account cancellation functionality to be more intelligent with regards to what a customer has paid for. We've introduced a new status called Pending Cancellation. Now when a customer on a subscription goes to cancel, billing will be immediately canceled and their account will be put into pending cancellation status which will allow them to continue to have access for as long as they paid for. Read this article to learn more about account statuses. Once an account is pending cancellation you can change the date manually if necessary. Read this article to learn how to change the cancellation date for memberships. Read this article to learn how to change the cancellation date for bundles. Important: If you're currently utilizing push notifications and you have a notification configured based on account status changing to canceled, you'll want to consider if pending cancellation should be used instead. This will depend on what action you're taking when the notification fires. If you're sending an email to the customer letting them know their account has been canceled then you'll most likely want to trigger the notification based on the pending cancellation status. If you're deactivating a license or removing some other access that they paid for then you'll most likely want to trigger the notification based on the canceled status. Additional Notes: If you're upgrading from an earlier version of MemberMouse see these additional notes for recommended changes to core pages.
  • Made it possible to make fields optional on checkout forms. In the past, in order to make fields optional they needed to be hidden. Now the fields can be shown but marked as optional so that user can either fill it out or not. Learn more.
  • Integrated with Limit Login Attempts plugin. Learn more.
  • Enhanced login form so that on failed login attempts the username is pre-populated in the form and if the account is in Pending Activation status an informative message is displayed. For example, if you're using PayPal and a customer who didn't complete the process attempts to login they'll be displayed the message: Account pending confirmation from PayPal.
  • Created a UserVoice extension that integrates your MemberMouse site with UserVoice's single sign-on functionality. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to make decisions based on the value stored in a current member's custom field using the customField_# attribute of the Member_Decision SmartTag. Learn more.
  • Added the ability to make decisions based on the number of days the current member has had a particular bundle using the daysWithBundle_# attribute of the Member_Decision SmartTag. Learn more.
  • Added expirationDate, cancellationDate and daysWithBundle_# to Member_Data SmartTag. Learn more.
  • Made it so that custom post types can be used as Core Pages.
  • Added a new WordPress filter for being able to override the default login redirection behavior. Learn more.
  • Bug fixes.
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