MemberMouse 2.2.4 Release Today!

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.4. This version brings a handful of powerful new features, essential security updates, performance enhancements and more.

This release is something we consider as an essential release for anyone using MemberMouse. In addition to a host of new features and bug fixes, this release includes necessary security updates and amazing performance enhancements which increase the performance of the MemberMouse plugin between 100% and 300% across the board.

A big thank you to those of you who participated in the beta version of this release. Your help was extremely valuable in helping to identify and address minor issues in MM 2.2.4.

We’ve been running MM 2.2.4 on membermouse.com for a couple weeks now and it’s been great. The performance enhancements have made a significant impact and the browse transactions report has come in handy numerous times. I’m excited for you to experience MM 2.2.4! See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

To your success,
Eric Turnnessen

Release Highlights
  • Essential security fixes
  • Performance enhancements resulting in 100%-300% performance increase of the MemberMouse plugin
  • Added a browse transactions report enabling you to search all transactions by product, coupon usage, initial charge versus recurring and more
  • Added a test payment service that you can use to simulate all purchases and refunds
  • Added ability to limit trial products to only be purchased once
  • Added a [MM_Product_Data] SmartTag allowing you to dynamically output product information on your website and in push notification emails
  • Upgraded to reCaptcha v2
  • Added support for additional top-level domains in email validation check on the checkout page
  • Added extra options to bundle and membership status changed push notifications
  • And a lot more!
Upgrading to MemberMouse 2.2.4
Upgrading software on your live production can be a daunting prospect. However, I encourage you not to let that stand in your way of taking advantage of the huge amount of work that’s gone into this release for your benefit. We’ve done our best to ensure the upgrade process will go as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken:

  1. Gone through our standard internal QA process
  2. Worked with our beta test group for a month to find and address minor issues
  3. Used ourselves as a test case by running MM 2.2.4 on membermouse.com for over 2 weeks to ensure everything is running smoothly

With that said, it’s impossible for us to cover all possible environments where MemberMouse can run — we all use different themes, plugins and run on different server environments which introduces a huge amount of variables. Based on the amount of testing we’ve done we expect the upgrade to happen without incident for the majority of people. Even so, it’s generally a good practice to go through the following steps when making changes to a production environment:

  1. If you have a staging site that mirrors your live site, I recommend installing MM 2.2.4 there and running through some of the essential features of your site to ensure there are no conflicts between MM 2.2.4 and any other plugins you’re running
  2. Prior to upgrading to MM 2.2.4 on your live site, make a backup of your site so if necessary you can revert
  3. Prior to upgrading make sure to review the list below of important notices in case action is required by you in association with upgrading to MM 2.2.4
  4. If you have a cache plugin activated on your WordPress site, make sure that your clear the cache following the MemberMouse upgrade. Read this article to learn more about using cache plugins with MemberMouse
Important Notices for this Release
Visual Editor Plugins and [MM_Form] SmartTags
If you’re using a visual editor plugin such as Visual Composer, it’s possible that you’re using [MM_Form] SmartTags in a way that’s not compatible with MM 2.2.4. View this article for details.

reCaptcha v2 Upgrade
reCaptcha v2 uses different keys than reCaptcha v1 so in order to ensure your reCaptcha integration continues to work following upgrading to MM 2.2.4 you’ll need to get a new set of keys for reCaptcha. There’s a step-by-step video showing you how to do this in the release notes.

PHP 5.2 is No Longer Supported
As we mentioned in our last release, PHP 5.2 support would be ending with this release. If you’re still running PHP 5.2 on your server you’ll need to upgrade before using MM 2.2.4. Read this article for more information.


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