MemberMouse 2.2.5 Released!

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.5. This version includes updates relating to WordPress 4.5, infrastructure upgrades, security enhancements and numerous bug fixes.

As part of our continuing commitment to provide a secure platform for our customers, we engaged Pritect.net to conduct a security audit on our full codebase. This release addresses multiple issues that were discovered, ranging from privilege escalation vulnerabilities to strengthening the source of entropy used in API key and password generation. Special thanks to James Golovich of Pritect.net for providing the security audit.

This release is something we consider as an essential release for anyone using MemberMouse. A big thank you to those of you who participated in the beta version of this release. Your help was extremely valuable in helping to identify and address minor issues in MM 2.2.5.

See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

To your success,
Eric Turnnessen

Release Highlights
  • Tested with WordPress 4.5
  • Incorporated feedback from a 3rd Party security audit of the entire codebase
  • Improved reliability of SmartTag processing when used in conjunction with theme editors
  • Added a new filter which allows you to customize the information passed to Stripe along with a payment
  • Updated necessary links in preparation for Authorize.net’s upcoming infrastructure changes
  • Fixed issue where credit card number input on the checkout form wasn’t working on Android devices
  • Fixed issue where refunds issued from PayPal and Authorize.net CIM were being added to Lifetime Customer Value in the member details area as opposed to being subtracted
  • …and more! view the release notes for the full list

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Upgrading to MemberMouse 2.2.5

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