MemberMouse 2.2.6 Released!

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.2.6. This version includes updates relating to WordPress 4.6, localization support, Zapier and ActiveCampaign integrations and numerous enhancements and bug fixes.

See the remainder of this article for details on the release and instructions on how to upgrade.

Release Highlights
  • Tested with WordPress 4.6
  • ActiveCampaign email integration
  • Localization support. Now it’s possible to translate most text in MemberMouse to the language of your choice
  • Zapier is now integrated directly into the push notification system allowing you to easily connect MemberMouse with one of Zapier’s 500+ application integrations
  • New push notification event that’s triggered whenever a product is purchased
  • Import wizard enhancements
  • Checkout form enhancements
  • …and more! view the release notes for the full list

View Release Notes

Upgrading to MemberMouse 2.2.6
IMPORTANT: Prior to upgrading be sure to use our compatibility test plugin to ensure your environment is compatible with the latest version.

Upgrade Instructions Download MemberMouse 2.2.6

To your success,
Eric Turnnessen

About Eric Turnnessen

Eric Turnnessen is the founder of MemberMouse and the brains behind the operation. His absolute dedication to quality and insistence on perfection have made MemberMouse the premier WordPress membership plugin on the market today. Eric is known to be a clear, concise, long-term thinker, who values customer satisfaction over short term profits. Eric enjoys long walks on the.. oh wait, wrong profile. Eric has architected systems for Fortune 500 businesses such as Wal-Mart, Sony Pictures, Barnes and Noble, and British Airways. His attention to detail and commitment to continual improvement make MemberMouse the #1 choice for business owners looking for a reliable and scalable membership solution.