MemberMouse Version 1.5.1

We’ve got another great update to the MemberMouse platform to tell you about. We’ve made some updates and enhancements that will continue to improve the platform and improve your ability to sign up new members. Registration Process Enhancement – We’ve removed the confirm email and confirm password steps from the registration process to optimize the process even more. Captcha During Registration – The registration process can now include a captcha system to stop spammers from creating fake accounts. This option can be turned on or off … Continue Reading

MemberMouse Version 1.3.4

We haven’t had a chance to blog in awhile because we’ve been very busy getting some new features into MemberMouse but we wanted to take a second to let you know some of the new updates since the last blog posts. We added multiple new ways to optimize and provide flexibility in creating memberships and product bundles. Expiring Memberships – With expiring memberships you can set a time period for how long a membership lasts. Once the membership expires the member will be not have access … Continue Reading

MemberMouse Version 1.2.2

In this release we have some exciting new functionality that will save you time and money by further automating your customer support process and provide you with additional opportunities to increase customer lifetime value. Overdue Payment Support MemberMouse now automatically detects overdue payments and automates the process for the customer to get their account up-to-date. Here’s how it works: