Duplicate Subscriptions Tool

If you have MemberMouse configured to allow duplicate subscriptions, it's possible that customers may accidentally sign up for the same subscription two or more times.

The duplicate subscriptions tool displays a complete list of all members in your system that have duplicate subscriptions associated with their account and allows you cancel duplicate subscriptions individually.

To get to the duplicate subscriptions tool, from the MemberMouse menu go to General Settings and then click on the Duplicate Subscriptions tab.

The screenshot below is an example of what the duplicate subscriptions table looks like.

Here you see a complete list of duplicate subscriptions in your system grouped by member account. Each row in the table represents a currently active subscription on the member's account. Subscriptions are grouped by member for easy viewing. Consult the Duplicate Subscription Columns table below to learn more.

Duplicate Subscription Columns
NameThis is the customer's full name.
EmailThis is the customer's email. Clicking on the email address will take you to the transactions tab of the member details area so you can see more details about the transactions that have occurred on this customer's account.
Order#This is the order number associated with the subscription.
ProductThis is the name of the subscription product.
DateThis is the date that the order was placed for the subscription product.
ActionsClick the Cancel Subscriptions button to cancel the subscription.

This will keep the customer from being billed in the future for this subscription.

If after you cancel a subscription, there's only one active subscription left on the customer's account for that particular subscription product, the customer won't show up in the duplicate subscriptions view anymore because all duplicates have been canceled.

Note: While canceling duplicate subscriptions you may want to consult the customer's transaction history to see if they should be issued any refunds. You can do this quickly by clicking on their email address.
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