Landing Page Critique

MemberMouse Academy Episode 4: I’m with Ryan Fritz from, and we look at ways to improve the conversion rate of his membership site, so his team can bring their world-class cinematography education to a broader audience. Well worth watching! Here’s a few things you’ll learn in this week’s video: * How to improve the perception of value of your membership site * How to better communicate your value proposition with images * How to use video and 3rd party testimonials to increase desire * How … Continue Reading

Growing Beyond 5 Figures A Month

MemberMouse Academy Episode 3: I’m with Kirk Du Plessis from, and we look at ways for him to grow beyond 5 figures a month. Here’s a few things you’ll learn in this week’s video: * How to improve your checkout page for higher conversion * How to better communicate your value proposition with images * How to move members from free to paying customers * How to increase the perceived value of a free product * How to go from being a good marketer to … Continue Reading

Sales Process Optimization

MemberMouse Academy Episode 2: I’m with my new friend Luke Ward from, and I go through all the very important parts of a membership site sales process. I estimate that if Luke implements my changes, he’ll be able to 5x his sales! Here’s a few things you’ll learn in this week’s video: * How to improve your checkout page for higher conversion * How to better communicate your value proposition with images * How to streamline your product offering for higher conversion * How to … Continue Reading

Growing to 11,000 Members

MemberMouse Academy Episode 1: Growing to 11,000 Members with Special Guest Chris Palmer from Learn how Chris grew his membership site to 11,000 members, plus tips and tricks for scaling your own membership website. Hosted by Dan Caron and Eric Turnnessen of MemberMouse. What you’ll learn: Why Uniques Products Are Ideal for Membership Sites Automating Customer Support At Every Opportunity How Chris Grew His Membership Site to 11,000 Members Leveraging a Free Product to Get New Members Moving Customers From Free to Paid Subscriptions Use … Continue Reading

MemberMouse 2.2.0 – Massive Update!

I’m pleased to announce the release of MemberMouse 2.2.0. This release contains major improvements for all plans. Here are a few of the highlights. As always, you can see the release notes for more details… Customer Value, Churn & Retention Reporting is Here! We’ve upgraded the basic reporting for Starter, Builder, and Growth Plans, and we’ve released a series of enhanced reports for Advanced plans and up. This reporting suite gives you all of the powerful metrics you’ve been requesting. I am absolutely convinced this reporting … Continue Reading

Why Conversion Rate Isn’t That Important…

Dan Caron here from MemberMouse. I hope you’re enjoying the summer. There is an ease to the warmer, slower days that lends itself nicely to reflection and creativity. And today, with the birds chirping outside my Brooklyn window, I’d like to take a few minutes to introduce you to how I think about selling membership and subscription products. And with the carefree days of summer as a backdrop, I hope to open your mind to a new way of running your business, one that I’ve found … Continue Reading

2.1.1 Release – MM Community! Gifting, Pending Cancellation, UserVoice & More…

The team at MemberMouse is excited to bring you another feature packed release. This new version of the plugin includes some excellent new functionality. In addition to this release, we’re also introducing the “MemberMouse Community.” Introducing the MemberMouse Community! We invite you to participate in the brand new MemberMouse community. Consider it a place to share tips and tricks, best practices, and success stories. We believe that there is tremendous value in building a community that can foster growth and provide ancillary support above and beyond … Continue Reading

2.1.0 Release – New Card-On-File Integrations, Custom Fields, API Improvements…

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you another feature-packed update. Two New Card-On-File Payment Integrations, Yay! To kick things off, we’ve added CIM as a new payment method that supports card-on-file functionality which enables 1-click upselling (and downselling for that matter). We’ve integrated with LimeLight CRM to bring a new payment method to MemberMouse 2.1.0. This integration also brings card-on-file functionality and a suite of features that support advanced direct-response marketers, such as chargeback protection and merchant account load balancing. Go Wild With Custom … Continue Reading

2.0.9 Release – Duplicate Subscription Intelligence, Enhanced Logging and More!

We’ve added additional intelligence to the checkout process that will keep customers from being able to purchase the same subscription twice. This duplicate subscription protection can be turned on and off. In addition, we’ve added a duplicate subscription tool that allows you to see which customers have duplicate subscriptions. What used to be called the Event Log is now the Activity Log and now it can be accessed for individual members directly from the member details area. In addition to tracking a member’s login and page … Continue Reading

2.0.8 Release – International Currency, Affiliate Enhancements, iDevAffiliate, Braintree & More. Did we mention International Currency?!

The MemberMouse team is excited to bring you a fantastic new release, version 2.0.8. This version brings more than a handful of powerful new features including major additions such as international currency support, and comprehensive enhancements to affiliate commission tracking capabilities. In addition, this release brings a Braintree payment method integration which supports 1-click buy functionality, automated overdue payment handling and over 130 international currencies. Plus PayPal improvements and a direct integration with iDevAffiliate! Let’s take a brief look at some of these exciting features… One … Continue Reading

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