2.3.2 Release Notes

Installation/Upgrade Information

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Summary of New Features, Enhancements and Bug Fixes
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Update. Added Section 508 compatibility elements to the My Account page in order to meet the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines. This update includes the following changes: Added label tags and corresponding “for” elements; Converted link elements to button elements where applicable; Table “role” identification; Added “required” attribute to required fields. *NOTE – As part of this effort, some of the buttons on MemberMouse internal dialogs were changed from styled “href” <a> link elements to HTML <button> elements. If you have changed the default styling on the dialog controls in any way, after updating to 2.3.2 you will have to update your CSS to style the <button> elements instead. Learn about the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines. (735)

  • Stripe Live Publishable Key fix. Fixed an issue when configuring Stripe on the Payment Settings screen where some environments would hide the Live Publishable Key when using the Stripe.js option. Learn more about the Stripe integration. (1719)

  • Stripe Token Error Fix. Bug fix: Prevents an error from occurring when both Stripe.js and Elements are disabled in the Stripe configuration. It is highly recommended to enable one or the other. Learn more about the Stripe integration. (1718)

  • Enhanced Checkout Styling Options for Stripe Elements. Added the ability to modify the Stripe Elements sections using Stripe's CSS. Learn more about the Stripe Elements enhancements. (1711)

  • Resolved Stripe Elements Missing Billing Info Bug. A fix has been included to ensure that no empty strings are sent through to Stripe when billing information is left empty on checkout. (1716)

  • Resolved Cancellation Date Calculation. Fixed a cancellation date calculation situation for subscriptions where there was a free trial that lapsed and subsequently was canceled after payment was received. (1066)

  • More Tag and Access Decision Tag Behavior fix. Resolved issue where the blogroll wasn't displaying excerpts used in the <!– more –> tag or the [MM_Access_Desicion access=false] tag as expected. (1673)

  • Resolved Payment Settings Fatal Error Bug. Fixed bug where a fatal error would occur in some environments if the checkout form had SmartTags present to collect credit card information and no onsite payment method configured in the backend. (1709)

  • Increased Product Mapping Limit for ClickBank . Added ability to dynamically load more than 100 products into the product mapping dialog. Learn more about Mapping ClickBank products with MemberMouse. (1688)

  • Removed jQuery Aliases. Replaced the ‘$' jQuery alias with explicit calls to ‘jQuery’ to prevent sites from breaking if other libraries loaded on the site happen to take over the alias. (1708)

  • Added the ‘Notes' Field to Export. The ‘Notes' field from the Member Details > General tab is now included in export files. Learn more about exporting members. (1720)

  • Added Ability to Show Payment Provider Used for Transactions. Added a sortable column to Browse Transactions screen to show the payment provider used for each transaction. Learn more about the Browse Transactions Report. (1689)

  • Danish Krone Currency Format Updated. The following updates were made to the Danish Krone currency format: Currency symbol to the left of the amount followed by a non-breaking space. Comma is used as a fractional separator and decimal is used as the thousand separator. Example: kr. 1.234,56. (1731)

  • Added Ability to Sort Advanced Reports by Rebills Only.Enhanced the Membership Sales, Product Sales, and Payment Service by replacing the “include rebills” checkbox with a dropdown allowing results to be filtered by “Initial Sales”, “Rebills Only”, or “Initial Sales and Rebills”. Learn more about our Advanced Reporting Suite. (1727)

  • Resolved cases in Reports where No Data would be returned (1).Fixed bug in reporting engine that displayed an image stating that there was no data if the site did not have any transactions within the last 90 days. (1728)

  • Resolved cases in Reports where No Data would be returned (2). Fixed bug in reporting engine where attempting to generate a report that yielded data and graphs, followed by an attempt to generate a report using parameters that yielded no data would cause the graph and results from the first report to be displayed instead of a message that there was no data to display. (1730)
Change History
DateVersionDescriptionSuggested Action
February 12, 20202.3.2-100Initial releaseManually Upgrade MemberMouse
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