Configuring Drip Platform

Drip offers email marketing automation that allows you to craft every interaction with your leads, trial users and customers like an artisan. Our integration with Drip is a robust integration with simple setup that works through a plugin that can be downloaded here. 

Once you've installed and configured the plugin, a customer profile will automatically be created in Drip whenever a Member is added to MemberMouse. Additionally, the following events in MemberMouse can be used to trigger actions in your Drip rules and workflows:

  • Member Added, Member Account Updated, Member Status Changed, Member Deleted
  • Membership Level Changed
  • Bundle Added, Bundle Status Changed
  • Product Purchased
  • Payment Received, Rebill Payment Received, Rebill Payment Failed, Refund Issued
Configuring the MemberMouse Drip Integration plugin
  1. Download the MemberMouse Drip Integration plugin and save it in a location on your computer that you can find later.

  2. Install by logging into your WordPress site as an admin. Then go to the Plugins menu and choose ‘Add New' on the top of the Plugins page. Follow the prompts to install and activate the MemberMouse Drip Integration plugin.

  3. Once activated, to configure the integration you can choose the MemberMouse Drip Integration plugin (‘MM <> Drip') from the WordPress menu. You can also go to your Plugins page, find MemberMouse Drip Integration plugin and click on ‘Configure'.

  4. Now you'll need to locate your Drip account ID. This can be found by logging into your account on Drip.com . Then go to your account settings by either clicking on your Account Name or the Settings icon > Account.

  5. At the bottom of the Account > General Info section in Drip, you'll find your Account ID.

  6. Copy this ID and paste into the Account ID box in the MemberMouse Drip Integration plugin setup page. Click ‘Update' to save this information.

You'll see a confirmation that the integration is active. MemberMouse is now sending data to Drip anytime these events occur:

  • Member Added, Member Account Updated, Member Status Changed, Member Deleted
  • Membership Level Changed
  • Bundle Added, Bundle Status Changed
  • Product Purchased
  • Payment Received, Rebill Payment Received, Rebill Payment Failed, Refund Issued

At this point, a new profile will be automatically created in Drip for every new Member added in MemberMouse. This profile stores the information sent from MemberMouse as a combination of Drip Primary Fields and Drip Custom Fields.

The Drip Primary Fields include the following: First Name, Last Name, Email Address and Phone based on whether this information is collected by you through MemberMouse.

The Custom Fields can be used to create segments in Drip as well as used in your Workflows and Rules. The Drip Custom Fields can include:

  • Billing Information – Address, City, Country, State, Zip Code
  • Member Information
    • Member ID
    • Days as Member
    • Membership Level Name – This is the name of the membership
    • Membership Level – This is the Membership ID
    • Registered – The date of account creation
    • Status Name – This is the status of their account written out, for example ‘Active'
    • Status – This is the Status ID, for example ‘Active' = 1. A complete list of these status IDs can be found in Member Status Lifecycle.
    • Username
Setup Additional Automation in Drip

If you want something to happen in Drip based on the information that MemberMouse is sending (besides profile creation when a new member is added), then you'll need to create the automations in Drip.

You can use MemberMouse triggers in both Workflows and Rules in Drip.

Once you've created a workflow or a rule in Drip, then you'll choose ‘MemberMouse' as the trigger provider and choose the trigger event (ie Member Added, Bundle Added, Product Purchased, etc.). Then you'll define the action to take in Drip.

Below are two examples of a Rule and a Workflow that you can create. You'll find full details on how to create Rules and Workflows in the Drip Knowledge Base.

Example of a Rule you may create in Drip with MemberMouse as the trigger provider: 

This Rule will add a tag “Customer” to new members.

  1. Go to Workflows > Rules and ‘+Create' a new Rule.

  2. Under What should trigger this rule? Select MemberMouse > Member added

  3. Under What actions should we perform? Select Apply a tag > Customer

  4. Click Save Rule 

  5. Click Draft > Activate

Example of a Workflow you may create in Drip using the Custom Fields:

This Workflow will add new members to different onboarding campaigns based on their membership level.

  1. Go to Workflows > Workflows and ‘+Create' a new Workflow from scratch.

  2. Click on Define your trigger… and Select MemberMouse > Member added, and ‘Update Workflow'.

  3. Click on the + to add a second step.

  4. A dialog box will pop up asking What kind of step would you like to add? Select Decision

  5. In the Edit Decision interface, under Include people based on… select Custom Fields . 
    Then choose your custom field, in this case membership_level_name is Builder. (Drip will provide a dynamic list for you as you start typing.) And ‘Update Decision'

  6. Add a step under the ‘Yes' path and one under the ‘No' path. In this case under What kind of step would you like to add? you'll Select Action

  7. In the Edit Decision interface, Drip will be your trigger provider to Send a Campaign, and then you'll choose the appropriate campaign from the list provided.

  8. When you've finished building the workflow and are ready for it to be live, toggle the Workflow to ‘On' to activate the Workflow.
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