The Very Best of the MemberMouse Blog: Our Top 10 Posts in 2018

Wow! That just about does it for 2018. Is it just us, or did this year fly by?

As we look back, 2018 was a really exciting year for us here at MemberMouse. We completely revamped out blog, created a number of helpful guides, and even started a podcast. The purpose of all this content is to help you get the most out of MemberMouse and build a business you can be proud of.

So, in the spirit of reflection and celebration we decided to put together a “best of the blog” post for you. We sifted through all of our data in Google Analytics to bring you our most valuable and engaging posts from 2018.

From all of us here at MemberMouse, we want to thank you for reading and engaging with our blog in 2018. We plan to bring you even more amazing content in 2019. But before we do, let’s take a moment to look back and review some of the most helpful, engaging, and inspirational blog posts from last year.

Our Top 10 Posts in 2018:

1. From Zero to 50,000 Members In Under a Year

This was such a fun article to create. We collaborated with our customer Matthew Curney who runs a membership site called Pianu. His site makes learning to play the piano fun and interactive by using cutting edge browser technology and a strong gamification strategy. What’s even more extraordinary is that Matthew grew Pianu from zero to 50,000 members in under a year’s time! Don’t miss this post where we dive deep into his strategies for growth, how to convert free members into paid members, and much more.

2. How Do I Grow My Membership Site?

One of the questions we see time and time again from the people in our community has to do with growing a membership or subscription business. So, we tackled this issue with a blog post that focuses on creating a system for growth that any membership site can use. In it, we look at the four main factors for growing a membership site: your metrics, traffic, offer, and copy. Whether you already have a membership site up and running or are thinking of starting a subscription business, be sure to read this post.

3. 7 Key Metrics of Membership Businesses

Membership and subscription businesses are special. Recurring revenue has become a sort of “holy grail” in the world of online business. And, it’s the key to building a valuable company. But since membership and subscription businesses are so unique, you need a certain set of metrics to guide your business decisions. In this post, we detail the 7 most important metrics for membership businesses. By recording, monitoring, and measuring these metrics you’ll have a clear understanding of how to steer your business towards success.

4. A Crash Course In Member Segmentation

One of the benefits of working with such a wide variety of online entrepreneurs and business owners is that we get to see and share how other people successfully implement MemberMouse’s powerful feature set. That’s where the inspiration for this post on member segmentation came from. In it, we detail a powerful yet easy-to-implement strategy for categorizing and organizing the members in your community. And the best part? Your criteria for segmentation are only limited by your imagination.

5. How to Use 1-Click Upsells to Dynamically Engage With Your Customers

One-click upsell functionality is the gold-standard for online marketing tools. Not only do one-click upsells help you better engage with your customers, they also empower you to easily increase the profitability of your membership or subscription business. In this powerhouse of a blog post, we show you how to make specific, targeted, and completely customizable offers to your members based on things like current membership level, duration of membership, purchase history, and more.

6. 3 Secrets of Profitable Membership Sites

Our Founder & CEO Eric Turnnessen dusted off his writer’s hat and busted out his quill and ink for this blog post! In this article, Eric draws from his 10 years of experience building and running MemberMouse. Over this time, he’s recognized trends and patterns among people who build successful membership and subscription sites and those who don’t. If you’re interested in building a profitable membership business, do yourself a favor and learn from Eric’s insights.

7. Inside The Mind of a Membership Site Expert

There were many “firsts” in 2018 for us here at MemberMouse. One of them was the birth of a new blog series called Developer Spotlight where we highlight the different people in our community of developers. This post was our third Developer Spotlight feature and quickly became a favorite among our audience. In it, we highlight membership site expert Vic Dorfman and his team – MemberFix. In this post, Vic details a case study where he helped a client convert more website visitors into prospective customers, shares the biggest challenge (and solution) he sees online entrepreneurs facing today, and reveals his preferred tech stack for membership sites.

8. Revenue Doubled After 3 Hours Work

…that sounds nice, right? Doubling revenue after only putting in 3 hours of focused work? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the subject of this blog post: George Papazov. In it, George shares with us how after he switched from another WordPress membership plugin to MemberMouse, he was able to double his revenue. And yep, it really only took him 3 hours to complete the entire process. Read the story of how George did it in this fascinating post.

9. 5 SmartTags That Will Help You Make Money

This post is a crash course in one of MemberMouse’s most powerful features: SmartTags. In it, we detail exactly how you can create fully personalized, targeted, and dynamic experiences for your members with the goal of higher conversions, longer retention, and a more enjoyable user experience for your members. If you aren’t using SmartTags on your membership site yet, this guide will provide you with the inspiration to get started.

10. How To Create Content That Markets Itself

One of the best ways to grow your membership or subscription business is by providing a way for your members to quickly and easily share your content (did someone say viral?). In this easy-to-follow blog post, we detail the exact strategy you can use to create highly shareable content that markets itself. What do we mean by that? Here’s a hint: after you read this post you’ll know how to transform your protected, member’s-only content into a powerful landing page with teaser content.

Wrapping Up

Again, many thanks to you for reading and engaging with our blog this past year. We hope it has been helpful and inspirational to you. We’re already hard at work creating more useful content for you in 2019. But, if there are any topics you’d like us to address here on the blog, leave a comment below or shoot us an email over at [email protected].

Our goal is to create content that will most help you put all of MemberMouse’s powerful functionality to work for your site and share strategies that will help you succeed in building a profitable business.

From all of us here at MemberMouse, we wish you a happy New Year! May you achieve your goals and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Matt Brown

Matt is our enthusiastic Content Manager here at MemberMouse. Originally from Chicago, Matt now resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and cat. He loves reading, writing and getting outdoors.

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